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FACTS ON AIDS Cases of AIDS have been reported in 85 countries. It is estimated between 5 and 10million people around the world now carry the AIDS virus and that as many as 100million will become infected over the next 10 years. How can you become infected?1. sexual intercourse a) vaginalHaving another sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis,b) analherpes or gonorrhea appears to make someone morec) oralsusceptible to acquiring HIV infection during sex with an infected partner2. blood transfusions - since November 1985 in Canada all blood and blood products are tested for HIV antibodies3. infection drug users by sharing needles or syringes with someone already infected4. during pregnancy, at birth or through breast feeding, an infected mother can pall the virus to her childHow you cannot become infected:1. sitting next to someone2. touching or shaking hands3. eating in a restaurant4. sharing food, plates, cups or utensils5. using bathrooms, water coolers, or telephones6. swimming in a pool or using a hot tub7. donating blood8. being bitten by mosquitoes or any other insectsSymptoms:Symptoms may not show for 10 years after you become infected by the HIV virus. Amonth or two after exposure to the virus there may be flu-like symptoms that may last aweek to a month and is often mistaken for those of another viral infections.More persistent or severe symptoms that may not surface for a decade or more:- swollen lymph glands - recurrent fever, including "night sweats"- rapid weight loss for no apparent reason- constant fatigue- diarrhea and diminished appetite- white spots or unusual blemishes in the mouthPrevention:1. abstain for sex2.have protected sex with latex condoms whenever having anal, oral or vaginal sex3. limit number of partners4. do not share needles It is important to educate children for many reasons:1. to reduce their fears about disease2. to help delay the beginning of sexual activity3. to encourage the use of condoms and safer sex practices if children are already sexually activeThere are many different aids you can use to help teach the children the facts on AIDS:- videos- games- guest speakers- quizzes- papers- presentations- question and answer periodsFor more information as a future teacher :- your local health unit or community health center- your local AIDS organization- AIDS hotlines- your doctor- your family planning clinic- libraryBe creative when educating ch

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