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By the end of Year 2005, 17 and a half million women were found HIV positive as given by the survey of World Health Organization ( WHO ). It has been found that the 50% of the total number of people who were infected by HIV across the Globe, were the women of the species – and the count of them is increasing steadily. The factual are cited in the reports of National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases ( NIAID ), USA – supporting the fact that the cases of HIV infections are increasing drastically in Women.

Brief about HIV and AIDS

HIV, an acronym for ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ – is commonly known as AIDS that stands for ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’ as most of us are aware of. This is a disease in which person’s immune system doesn’t work properly, gradually gets weaker, and hence the person turns more prone to infections, ailments and diseases; compared to their normal ( HIV non-affected ) counterparts. It’s because HIV attacks the one’s immune system and damages the CD4 cells in it, which would have otherwise protected the body from outer infections. It destroys the natural mechanism of human body to fight the ailments, and hence gets the person’s ability to fight infections decreased, and the chances to develop diseases increased.

Transmission of HIV In women

HIV is a virus that spreads by blood. Hence whenever there is a transmission of blood, there is an opportunity for HIV transmission too. The most common cause of anybody, men or women, developing HIV is a heterosexual intercourse with HIV infected partner. Researches say that the women are more exposed to these viruses than men, and vaginal sex provides perfect platform for body fluid to be exchanged, and thereafter HIV.

Other than this, there are certain more chances of women getting affected by HIV like :

• By blood transfusion / transplant

• By using infected needle

• By Breastfeeding

• By unprotected sexual intercourse

• By a mother to a child



Now that we know the possible reasons behind women getting affected by HIV, why not to know too what should be done to avoid such ill-happenings !?

First and foremost, never get into an unprotected sexual intercourse. Usage of latex condoms by men actually helps decreasing the chances of them passing the virus to their female partners by a huge percentage. Better be safe than worry.

Then, if a woman needs blood transplant, the blood must pass the HIV test i.e. the blood must be checked & tested properly for any kind of HIV infections. In order to avoid the risk of getting HIV by infected needle, make sure that no needle gets re-used ever. Else, as HIV infected mother can pass HIV to prospective baby while pregnancy, pre-pregnancy treatments should be followed to help reducing the chances of a child deriving HIV from its mother.


HIV they said can not be cured completely. However, if HIV victim woman gets right treatment at the right time, the complications might be taken care of. There are certain medications that can help : As HIV affects the person in different areas of body system, an antifungal drug called Abelect can be used for the prevention of fungal infections. Then Bactrim & Septra are Antiprotozoal Antibiotic for Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia treatment. Eraxis is a drug specifically used as Antifungal ( Intravenous ) to treat Candida infections in the Esophagus and blood stream ( Candidemia ) including Abdominal Abscesses and Peritonitis. In case of appetite loss, Marinol and Megace are the drugs than can help maintaining high appetite to fight with outer conditions.


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