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BIBLIOGRAPHY Bastien. A. (1995) HIV In The Inner Cities: Epidemiologic Trends And Their Influence On Policy-Making Decisions. Journal Of Community Health. 20.(2). 177-180. HIV disease has a disproportionate impact on the inner-city residents, as compared to suburban and rural areas. Americas inner cities are populated by ethnic minority groups and are plagued by a multitude of health problems including poor health insurance coverage and a high prevalence of chronic diseases. In addition, there are an abundance of social ills, such as drug abuse, unemployment and poor educational opportunities. Buckingham. S.. Rehm. S. (1987) Aids And Women At Risk. Health And Social Welfare. 12.(1). 5-11. An overview of the AIDS disease reveals that its victims confront both physical and psychosocial problems. Centers For Disease Control. (1993a,October). HIV/AIDS Survellance. Statistics on the spread of the AIDS virus in the United States. Dicks. B. (1994) African American Women And AIDS: A Public Health/Social Work Challenge. Social Work In Health Care. 19. (3/4). 123-143. AIDS affects people regardless of economic status, age or ethnicity. Initially perceived as a gay mens disease, women are now the fastest growing population in the AIDS epidemic. African American women represent over half the reported cases in the United States. Kaplan. M. (1994) Feminization Of The AIDS Epidemic. Journal Of Sociology And Social Welfare. 22.(2). 5-21. AIDS is increasingly afflicting women who have little

economic, political, or social power. Misdirected public policy has been partly responsible for the greater incidence of the disease in certain regions and populations. Spalding. A. (1995) Racial Minorities And Other High-Risk Groups With HIV And AIDS At Increased Risk For Psychological Adjustment Problems In Association With Health Locus Of Control Orientation. Social Work In Health Care. 21. (3). 81-111. This study compared minority subjects with non-minority subjects with HIV and AIDS, examining levels of percieved locus of control over health status. Gender, lifestyle orientation, and socioeconomic status were also included as predictor variables. It was determined that minority subjects were more likely to believe that their health status was in the hands of powerful others or chance. Williams. J. (1995) Afro-American Women Living With HIV Infection: Special Therapeutic Interventions For A Growing Population. Social Work In Health Care. 21. (2). 41-53. Women now constitute the fastest-growing group of people with AIDS in the United States. African American women living with AIDS is increasing at a much higher rate than that of other women. In addition to the threat of HIV infection and AIDS, women of color have to battle sexism, classism, and racism. Winbush. G. (1993) African-American Health Care: Beliefs, Practices, And Service Issues. HWC 506. BASIX reader. Maximizing service delivery to minority populations and particularly to African Americans, requires sensitivity to health beliefs, major health related concerns, historical background and patterns of response to major health-related needs. .


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