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We all know what Lepercy is from the bible, but do you know why it isn t as big as it used to be? The answer to this question is because all these people were put into strict living quarters by themselves. The only people that lived within miles of them were people with Lepercy. My bill states that we should take all HIV positive people and simply either ship them to a remote and deserted area or give them the opportunity to fight for their country in the army or navy. The government will simply provide blood tests to all American citizens. You will be given a short amount of time to make your decision to either stay and fight for your country or be immediately shipped to the Sahara Desert where you will die eventually. After the government gets a majority or if not all the HIV positive people out of the United States or have them fighting in a different country the Aids rate will rapidly fall. The Aids virus is only spread through blood, sex, etc. so if these people are not having sex the virus will simply end after a few years, because I know you and I would both not like to have this deadly virus therefore we would stop it just like they stopped Lepercy.

They have the choice of joining the army where they will be fed and have shelter and etc. and they will be helping the U.S. win wars and other problems with neighboring countries. If I was one of these people this is the route I would take.

All immigrants that would like to come to the U.S. are more then welcome but will be met at the border by border patrol to inflict a blood test. If they are clean they are more then welcome if they are infected they will be given the choices or be turned away.

Scientists have been searching for a cure for AIDS for years, we can simply end all this hard work after we get rid of the problem. I will provide you with an analogy: Lets say you come home one night after a birthday party and you have a piece of pizza which symbolizes the HIV virus and you take this piece of pizza and you drop it on the ground and it goes under the couch. The next day you notice roaches and other bugs which symbolize the people about to be infected with the virus. You realize that you left the piece of pizza under the couch and you dispose of the waste and you notice that the bugs go away. See if we take these infected patients (the pizza) and dispose of it the virus will go away (bugs). It s that simple, it s not like its Rocket Science here.

After a few years after being AIDS free the United States will grow healthy and not have to worry about this deadly disease anymore because it will have been exterminated.


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