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When our ancestors trekked across the Atlantic Ocean over two hundred years ago, they where in search of their "American Dream." Their dream was to escape persecution and establish a life of success and wealth. Over two centuries later, the "American Dream" still exists, but has changed. In the year 2000, fleeing persecution is no longer a dream but a reality. The new "American Dream" is to eliminate all use of drugs. Drug us is the "American Nightmare." Drugs have created heightened levels of violence and disease and therefore must be eliminated.

According to the FBI, violence caused by drugs leads to over sixteen thousand deaths. Nearly half these deaths strike working members of society between the ages of twenty-five and forty. Losing a large portion of our societies working class is a major issue. Such lives cannot be taken away without the workforce feeling damaged. In addition, such serial killers as Charles Manson and Andrew Cunanan where known to have been high on drugs at the time of their killings.

Although drugs can be taken orally or through snorting, a large portion of drug use is taken through injecting the substance into one s body using a needle. These needles are not always sterile, and sometimes they are passed around from person to person. If one person is suffering from a disease, such as AIDS, and the following person injects himself or herself with that same needle, chances are that they will acquire AIDS as well. Ever since the early 1980's the AIDS problem in America has become the AIDS Epidemic in America. As the population of AIDS patients has grown so has the population of drug users. The connection between the two is that when someone is taking drugs, they do not have the brain capability to stop and realize the ramifications that may lead to their demise.

Although our ancestors came to America in search of the "American Dream," they did not search for the same dream that our society is searching for today. Drug use has led to violent crimes and disease and therefore must be stopped. Over half the criminal justice system is said to have a substance abuse problem. If drugs are playing such a large part in the lives of our criminals and society as well, the "American Dream" for the twenty first century must be to stop perpetual drug use from occurring.


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