Abortion: The Hard Truth

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ABORTION THE HARD TRUTH Christopher Lora Mr. Luera Period 5 Table of Contents Outline …………………………………………………………………………………………….1 Body……………………………………………………………………………………………….2 Bibliography………………………………………………………………………………………8 Title: Abortion: the hard truth Hypothesis: It is evident that abortion is harmful to the mother. I. Introduction  The definition of abortion is presented.  How abortion is argued is told.  In what way it should be see is stated.  The hypothesis is present.  The reason follows the hypothesis. II. Civic Views  Abortion is a see differently.  The Catholic Church opposes abortion.  Other religions back up Catholics.  Opinions of individuals are different from the majorities. III. Medical Views  Abortion is dangerous.  Many precautions must be followed.  Many physical imparities are likely to occur.  Death by human hands is caused by a psychological reaction after the abortion.  More deaths are likely after abortion than they are after childbirth. Conclusion: Whether you are a religious or fighter for women’s rights, one this is most certain from both sides based on the research held on a medical foundation, at least one death will always result from every abortion performed. The Oxford Dictionary defines abortion as the expulsion of a fetus, naturally or especially by medical induction, from the womb before it is able to survive independently, especially in the first 28 weeks of a human pregnancy. Today many argue whether abortion should be legal in the United States. Some show religious views while others show civic views. The basis of such a debate should be on medical information. It is evident that abortion is harmful to the mother. Although women feel relief after the operation, they do not perceive at least the physical consequences. The outcome of most abortions is graphic and painful. For many Americans, abortion involves a blend of social, moral, and legal issues so that one person may hold several conflicting views (Siegel 55). Although the word “abortion” is describe in a concise manner, when the issue is introduced to the rules of medical ethics, it is as vague as the seven wonders of the world. Some say that the abortion is a form of murder and others believe that it is just as valid as breast implants. These are all views shared by people within the same community, if not biosphere. It has become so controversial and divergent, that even the Church has a strong say on the topic. Abortion has been questioned as legit as far back as the1960’s with words from the leader of the Catholic Church. The vast congregation presently declares it true the subject was hardly stressed in the early Christian Church, as a sin (Siegel 3). However Siegel has also quoted Vatican II, the largest Church gathering in Christian history, of declaring abortion a “supreme dishonor to the Creator.” He also quoted the text to say the following: “from the moment of its conception life must be guarded with the greatest care, while abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes.” Its breakaway congregations, despite their obvious differences support the Catholic Church. The decision of any congregation, sect, or group is still different from the individual member. A survey done between 1972 and 1982 proved that not only did people realize that abortion is a controversial issue, but they also have their own opinions. The National Opinion Research Center has also asked those it may concern their reason for either supporting or opposing abortions (Siegel 55-56). Those in favor considered circumstances of rape, unwanted pregnancies, freedom of choice, health obstacles, and control over themselves. Those who opposed cited abortion as the killing of babies, to be against religious practice, and is the extermination of the living unborn. These views disseminate among the majority. As one country, Americans believe murder is wrong. Those who are Pro-life consider abortion to be murder according to the previous evidence while those who are Pro-choice are stubborn to believe so in that the term “abortion” is as cloudy as a rainy day. As one country, Americans should omit the fact whether abortion is murder for it is a fact that will not be resolve as long as there is diversity according to the author. What Americans should see are the results of the process. For once the people should not debate to legitimize abortion based on civic views, but on obvious medical research. Many types of abortions exist. Some are illegal and rare while others are lawful and common. However, the fact is that no method of abortion is expedient and convenient. The experience with abortion is similar to that of with the birth control pill. Steps and precautions must be met and followed. In general there are three valid and common methods of abortion, one rare and illegal method, but all require many precautions. All must follow a number of steps to complete sufficiently. Vacuum Curettage or D&C is uncommon today and usually conducted during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. It is a method that uses a powerful suction tube inserted through the cervix and into the womb (Abortion Methods 1). The abortionist first paralyzes the cervix. This is similar to the suction procedure except that the abortionist inserts a curette, a loop-shaped steel knife up into the uterus. The tube is connected to a powerful pump with a suction force 29 times more powerful than a home vacuum cleaner (Abortion TV). The procedure tears the baby's body into pieces and the hose frequently jerks as pieces of the baby become lodged. The placenta is then cut from the inner wall of the uterus and the scraps are sucked out into a bottle. The unborn child is torn apart by the force of the suction, and the fetal body parts and placenta are sucked into a jar (Abortion Methods). Saline Abortion is a procedure done between 16 and 32 weeks after conception (Abortion Methods). The abortionist injects a strong salt solution directly into the amniotic sac (fluid surrounding the baby). The baby breathes and swallows it, is poisoned, struggles, and sometimes convulses. The salt poisons the child, burning its lungs and skin. This part of the process takes at least an hour. The mother delivers the dead baby in a day or two. The corrosive effect of the salt solution often burns and strips away the outer layer of the baby's skin. This exposes the raw, red, glazed-looking subcutaneous layer of tissue. The baby's head sometimes looks like a candy apple. Some have also likened this method to the effect of napalm on innocent war victims. This technique was originally developed in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany (Abortion TV). A recently legalized from of abortion is in the form of a pill. Mifepristone is also known as RU-486 or the "Abortion Pill." This chemical causes an abortion by interfering with the function of the placenta, starving the unborn child to death. Prostaglandin, which induces premature labor, is then administered to expel the fetus. This method of abortion takes place over the span of several days; the average woman using it bleeds heavily for more than nine days, but some women have bled for over four weeks (Abortion Methods). Note that RU-486 is not a contraceptive because it does not prevent fertilization or implantation. It is used only after the mother has missed her period and the baby is at least two to three weeks old. It is no longer effective after six or eight weeks. A new method has been introduced and was among the debate topics of this year’s presidential election. This method, is known as D and X, also known as "partial-birth abortion," is a dangerous method of late abortion, termed "bad medicine" by the American Medical Association, and involves pulling the baby out feet first into the birth canal while the head remains in the uterus (Abortion Method). This procedure is usually used for advanced pregnancies. The cervix is dilated to allow passage of ring forceps. A foot or lower leg is located and pulled into the vagina. The baby is extracted in breech fashion until the head is just inside the cervix. The baby's legs hang outside the woman's body. With the baby facedown, scissors are plunged into the baby's head at the nape of the neck and spread open to enlarge the wound. A suction tip is inserted and the baby's brain is removed. The skull collapses and the baby is delivered. Suction curettage is continued until the walls of the womb are clean (Abortion TV). What do most people think when they hear, “It’s a woman’s choice?” According to the author’s own experience, A woman’s choice only relates to taking responsibility, but not to the physical ravage that bequeaths her. True the variety of methods of abortion may vary, but the common costs are limited to a selected few, but as omnipotent as many. With the drug RU 486 alone, many results are liver damage, kidney destruction, heart muscle compromise, pulmonary failure, gastrointestinal pathology, and bone marrow suppression. It has also been reported to cause loss of speech function, strokes, and convulsions (Abortion TV). Many possible complications resulting from surgical abortions include infection, cervical laceration, uterine perforation, convulsions, vomiting, cardiac arrest, and others that are similar to those of c-sections (Abortion Methods). Those who are professionals in the medical only know many of these complications and other complications seem so mild that they are easily overlooked. However there is one definite complication known to people in any esoteric field in medicine as well as it is known to any layman one meets. A recent study in Finland has proven that the risk of dying within a year after an abortion is several times higher than the risk of dying after miscarriage or childbirth. However, many abortion advocates do claim that a woman is more likely to die during childbirth than she is during an abortion. The ratio they pull out is 12:1 (Reardon). Stakes, the statistical analysis unit of the National Research and Development Center of Welfare and Health in Finland, pulled death certificates for women of reproductive age, 15-49. Between 1987 and 1994, the deaths totaled 9,192 women. The chart on the left is a copy form the STAKES research obtained by Reardon. It shows that in the year they give birth as being half that of women who are not pregnant. Compared to women, who abort are 3.5 times more likely to die within a year. It is true that the results, regardless how painstakingly taken, could definitely be flawed greatly, but then again the results may be perfectly accurate. Figure 1 only monitored “natural” deaths. It proves that abortions may be so physically damaging that it may even lead to death. Abortion does have another way of influencing death upon women. The result is known as Post Abortion Syndrome, which will not be further discussed in this paper. This may lea

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