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Choices, freedom, consequence. All three words are to the naked eye, words that have no meaning other then the definition that comes out of a dictionary. To them they see what is put in front of them. After reading Frankl, Crews, and articles which had something to do with one another, in one way or the other, we see a true meaning behind these words. We chose to do, think and chose our freedom. Our freedom, again, is limited to our choices, and our choices are unlimited, therefore we have unlimited freedom. Consequence, however, puts a stop to our choices. Often, we look at our consequences rather then our freedoms. We are afraid to do something because of its outcome. We also must do some things because of its consequence. We cannot determine whose choices are better, or determine the status of individuals from their choices. Each person is different, unique, in one way or another. We all have gone through different experiences, each which has affected our way of thinking about everything either completely changing our lives or simply looking at something in a new light. As we go by day by day, we see a new hope for meaning. Meaning is what leads our lives. It is like a drug to some of us, and to others, a mere item that is with us for life. Those that are addicted seem to dig deeper and deeper for a better meaning, a greater knowledge of it. Those that care less, look to it as though it is simply a matter of consequence. We ourselves determine the method of thinking which makes us addicted or un-addicted. Our freedom to choose leads us to find whether or not meaning is important to us. Ordinary and unordinary situations tend to lead our thinking to a new light, or completely twist it the other way. As humans, we seek to find logical, meaningful ways, whether we know it or not. We may not realize that we are searching for meaning. Every action in which we ask the question Why? is a complete search for meaning, in one way or another. Asking that question builds up meaning for some reason known only to one s self. The belief in meaning being a quest is known as Existentialism. Existentialists believe that meaning is found through the hardest of circumstances, and one must choose to look toward that meaning as a support in our struggles. Through times of sorrow and confusion, meaning is shining in our face. Whether we choose to search for meaning or simply have a blatant disregard for it and go on wallowing in our sorrow is our free choice. Crews introduces to us logotherapy, a idea which, although it may be worded differently, is connected to existentialism rather closely. Logotherapy states the primary focus on meaning of life. This is, indeed, a closely related idea to existentialism. Anne Donovan was faced with a question toward god and meaning. Why, since she was a devoted Christian, did her baby die and a couple who did not go to Church as often and were not as devoted as they should be have the luck to have a living baby? Anne Donovan was in a very tough situation where meaning was a complete struggle. Anne succeeded in finding meaning in her battle. If someone like Anne can find meaning, why do we see so many people who are still struggling? As was said before, every human is unique, therefore they each have their own unique way of thinking. Each unique figure has a unique train of thought, good or bad, it should be respected for what it is, because it is not their fault that they think that way, but our fault we expose them to that train of thought and not discipline them. Again, our choice to let them un-disciplined is a fatal choice. As taught in last years Religion class, the choices we make dictate the life we lead. " Look at the misery the world is in. What are you doing about it. To this cynical blackmail the artist might reply: The misery of the world? I'm not adding anything to it. Which of you can say as much (A. Camus - EPW) This quote displays how a existentialist sees the most difficult situations, and some how finds hope and meaning in it. Challenges are a main part of existentialism. The belief behind existentialism is that meaning is found within difficult situations. Difficulty is based upon or realization of the situation, and experience. We learn from previous, less hazardous situations where we grow stronger and stronger slowly but surely. As skin grows stronger as we harm it, our attitudes during a situation become stronger and we are ready for newer, more difficult situations. However, when we are caught with a situation that is far too advanced for our experience s, we tend to worry and question any type of meaning there is. The need for knowledge by every human is part of this journey. Challenges arise in every society and culture. Today, we face many situations that question existentialism. When a baby is killed before it has a chance to see the light of life, what questions and choices does it have? We may find many of our fellow humans partaking in the act of abortion. While existentialists believe that every human seeks meaning during a time of fear and worry, they cannot fully delve into the worries about abortion. As every person that actually does have an abortion is human, all humans are, as was stated before, unique. Each has a reason for their choices, which are, according to existentialists, free choices. The choices we have, as spectators, is to make a decision for ourselves when and why is abortion good or bad. Life, as precious as many see it to be, is put on the cutting block, and people become not only a hero for themselves, but for the potential lives of humans with choices to come. A unborn child is a sacred object to someone who has lost a child, possibly to abuse, or simply a tragic death at birth. These people, along with those that cannot conceive a child, see the negative side of killing a child before it is naturally alive . As a people, we make rash decisions because of the loss of life. These decisions are, however, respected due to the fact that they are human decisions. The uniqueness behind these idea s are a part of the reason why the people behind the thoughts of abortion issues have still not come up with a full, complete, conclusive idea. As was stated before, the misery of the world is not a issue pertaining to us unless we add to it. Here is where these words get caught up. In one way or another, issues affect us. Perhaps for Anne Donovan, the people whom commit these acts are ruthless. Anne has lost a baby to the hands of nature. She went through periods where she questioned faith and science, and came out of the struggle with some kind of meaning to it all. As new, greater issues come along, Anne goes into the new questions with a great experience. The inexperienced are put to simply to sit and watch, and gather meanings to build up one great meaning. This meaning will remain with us in memory, and grow with every other experience that we have. When death becomes a matter of statistics and administration, it means that life is abstract too. The life of each person cannot be other than abstract as soon as one starts making it conform to an ideology. (A. Camus EPW) As Camus states here, life is molded into what each one of us wants it to be, we make it our own idea. Instead of conforming to modern ideas, we mold our own out of experience. Life cannot become a simple thing . Life is what we make it, our choice, which again, is free. Now the issue again, is with abortion. The ending of ones life, before one can actually live a life. It is possible that people are bought to think about life and death situations. Here is where the line is crossed. The choice is life, or death, and then again beyond that line, other lines are drawn. While we continuously question things we will never end, and, in fact, things should never end. The search for knowledge is every persons goal. As a famous quote states, knowing is half the battle. And knowing is, indeed, half the battle. Molding that knowledge into our own idea is another part of the battle. As we grow, knowledge grows, and our mold has now shifted to a new shape which we tried to make fit. The main aspect that we have been searching for is still there, however, we have evolved from our early thinking to now educated ideas. adolescence can be viewed as a time when the young person begins to gain a deeper awareness of their existence on an abstract level. (de Avila) Here we learn that as a adolsent, we are curious into finding out more about ourselves without having to ask anyone. Finding out ourselves is a perfect way to answer our deep, emotinal questions. Existentialism and logotherapy are two idea s that are extremly tempting to people our age. We tend to have enjoyment into looking deeply into our own selves. As we continue to question our lives as well as lives of others, we will tend to turn toward knowing knowledge.

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