Antigone and The Mother

Death surrounds us all. It is a common reminder of the life we have around us. Death is seen in people, nature, and animal’s everyday. It brings us sadness and pain. It is something that is not easily dealt with and sometimes may seem unjust. It helps us become better people by accepting death and learning from it.

In Antigone, she kills herself because she kept her promise and buried Polyneices body. She died for a cause. A cause that she did not need to die for but since Creon did not think. She was forced to die. She did it for what she believed in and to keep her word.

If Creon had not been so stubborn Antigone could have very well lived to see another day. But she was left in a vault to die for her cause.

In The Mother abortion is the key element. The mother was too stubborn to realize what she had and she killed her baby. She is in a way exactly like Creon. She in turn doesn’t die but her baby does. The baby can then be referred to as Antigone. She in turn was killed for what she believed in… but for the wrong reasons. This baby has no say in life yet and relies on the mother to make the decisions for it and is killed for the worng reasons as well.

Both stories show a death that was meaningless and could have been prevented. It shows a stubborn person taking a life of someone that has no say and did nothing to deserve it. No one deserves to have someone make decisions on their own life and death. Death takes us when it wants us… But no one should make it sooner than it is supposed to be.

Word Count: 303

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