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The need for emergency shelters has shown a dramatic incline in the past years. The demand for emergency shelters has rose 500% since 1988 (“Not Gone, but Forgotten?” 1). Many of people every night are stranded outside with not even a blanket for the night because all the shelters are full and sometimes the shelters will not except certain people. In some places, the waiting list to get board on a full time shelter will range from 18 to 20 months for families. The need for emergency shelters has been high do to the amount of the loss in volunteer work as well. The shelter availability in larger cities for shelter has become unreal. In Minnesota’s the nightly shelter population quadrupled between 1985 and 1997 (“Not Gone, but Forgotten?” 1). San Francisco’s Coalition for the homeless estimates that 16,000 people are there each night without a shelter, twice as many as 10 years ago (“Not Gone, but Forgotten?” 1). The homeless population continues to grow rapidly and the shelters are not growing fast enough to help keep them off the streets. Because of the extreme growth of the homeless it may be hard to provide shelter in larger cities. Housing expenses have rose so high in the 1990’s that it is hard for an average person to make house payments now. About half of the nation’s poorest households spend 70% or more of their monthly income on housing (Wright 2). In the median state a minimum-wage worker would need to work 87 hours a week to afford a two bedroom apartment at 30% of his or her income (“Why are People Homeless?” 2). In the last 10 years housing prices have almost doubled in there value in most smaller homes. Many people can not aford their homes anymore due to the increase in housing expenses. The employment field is becoming very competitive and it is becoming difficult for the homeless to find jobs. A survey in California determined that 56% of businesses require a home address and telephone number before you can be hired (“Why Are People Homeless?” 1). One out of every 200 people hired will be homeless (“Why Are People Homeless?” 5). It is unjust for the homeless people to have disadvantages because they are homeless and not employed. Many of the reasons people become homeless rely on the fact of a job loss. Prejudice against hiring the homeless is carried out in all states and cities, it should be stopped. Many businesses give the opportunity of conditional employment to the homeless. A survey in New York City showed that 42% of business would hire homeless under strict conditions (Bender 8). The strict conditions include proper hygiene and appearance and they must arrive at work on time for an entire month before receiving their first paycheck (Bender 8). Many businesses that offer the conditional employment to the homeless are working together with a particular shelter. Because businesses give condital employment it gives the homeless people a good way to start getting back on their feet and getting their life back. Shelters offer support in aiding the homeless with job training and helping them find jobs so they can get back on their feet. The Center for the Homeless in South Bend, Indiana provides the homeless with job training and educational programs to help them off their feet (“Center for the Homeless” 1). They provide the homeless with the opportunity to go the South Bend Community School Corporation, Goodwill Industries, and Job Club CFI Landscape Services (“Center for the Homeless” 1). Shelters will support most people and help them with counseling and everything until they can mentally, physically, and financial support themselves. By aiding with job training and helping them find jobs, the shelters show great support and willingness to help. Without a highschool diploma it is very difficult to find jobs over minimum wage or even find jobs at all. A study in 1998 showed that only 33% of people without a highschool diplomas are hired at minimum wage (Cohen 16). It also stated a 62% chance of becoming fired due to new applicants with a diploma and more qualified (Cohen 16). Today, in our society, a diploma is almost needed to find a job anywhere. High school diploma is a major factor in becoming an employee. Special training is a major factor in receiving a job, sometimes more traini

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