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The article \'The Fight Against Female Foeticide A Step In The Right Direction\' by Dueep Jyot Singh (June 15) really touched my heart. After reading the article I feel I can hear the cries of the numerous female babies who are killed every minute. A baby is considered the pride of every woman, and how can one stop oneself from being a proud mother just because the baby is a girl.

Is it written in any religious book or for that matter in any other book that the mother of a baby boy is only to be called \'A mother\'. I know the value of being \'Only a mother\' irrespective of the sex of the baby because I was not able to become one for six years and have experienced the pain and trauma of failing to become one. Now I\'m the happiest woman in the world I can say being the mother of a two year old daughter. I\'m happy of the fact that I\'m a mother, I don\'t know what difference does it make whether it\'s of a boy or a girl.

The saying \'Man is never satisfied with what he has\' holds very true in this matter. Those who have no children wish they had one whether it be a boy or girl, while those who have daughters wish they had at least one son. Man\'s greed has no end.

I know of many examples of educated people in a city like Mumbai too committing this crime even now. Like for e.g. my mother\'s colleague who had a daughter had four miscarriages before she had her second child, at least that\'s what she told everybody in office but later my mother came to know that it was not miscarriages but abortions in order to have a son. And in the case of marriage proposals I\'ve seen people look down upon the eldest among three or four girls. Oh! I hear the prospective grooms mothers say \"I don\'t want to take that proposal because they have two more younger daughters to be married\". All this brings the anger out in me and I feel like shouting in my dreams \'Will you\'ll leave the girls alone, because without them you\'ll wouldn\'t have got your grandchildren whom you\'ll are so proud of today\'. So you\'ll tell me whom should we be actually proud of ?

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