Comercial And Purchasing Attitude Term Paper

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The purpose of this research is to analyse the relationship consumer-commercial . More precisely the inflence of a well-designed commercial on our consumptions habits . Therefore I established a questionnaire of eleven questions , trying to understand how much does advertising affects us. This questionnaire stands as follow : First , some questions to circle the person's background ,what we call the exegeneous variables, the age, the religion , is he christian, muslim, druze .The income, to determine somehow the social status, is it less than $500, between $500-$1000 , $1000-$2000 , $2000-$3000, or is it more than $3000 . second , I asked more related to topic questions . Narrowing the person's characteristics, I started asking about the field of his or her's major giving a choice of three : Humanities, Engeneering ,and Business. Then I went closer and closer to the subject of my research by asking how many commercials catch one's attention :less than 10%, 10% to 20% , 20% to 40% , 40% to 60% , or more than 60% . After , I tried to identify , or how people define , a well-designed commercial : is it funny, creative or based on scientifics facts. Then , I reported my attetion to the lebanese ads ,are they very good , good , fair , or just not good . Next , I wanted to know , in wich field does peoples think commercials are the most efficient , is it automobiles , food , beauty product , or electronic products . Finally , I went straight to the point , by wondering , if anybody aswering my survey already bougth a product according to its commercial . I gave two alternatives : yes , or no . In the end , I wanted to seize people's perception of advertised products : are they as satisfactory as they look in their ads ? . there again I gave two alternatives : yes or no . My next step will be to transform all my informations into frequencies tables , wich also will be transformed into pictures , such as a histogramme or a pie chart . And that in order to be able to answer my question : does a well-designed commercial have a positve or neutral influence on our purchasing attitude . Also , to determine the role of each variables , that determine the answer to the question .



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