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all our resorces needed, we posses them free of charge. h)Regulation & Insuranc 1. Business information. Name of business: M&N Typing Service. Type of business organisation: This business will operate as, a sole proprietorship. It will offer a service, and would not be a franchise. 2. What is the big idea. The big idea would be simply to offer our services to do wordprocessing for students in High School, Cegep or University to type their projects. 3. Operation. a)Business: The image of our service is its low price, our availability, and our advice/suggestions on how to write a good paper, therby obtaining a high mark. The key to this business is that we care about our customers. With this business we will make sutudent's life easier. b)Management: To start off our bussiness, we would be two offering this business, Moshe Deutche(student, mother tung anglophone) and Nathaniel Bouganim(student, mother tung francophone). Because we both have the ability the knoledge on how to use a wordprocessor and type rapidly with no mistakes. Because our mother tung is different we expand our market. We would be able to help students write their papers, correct their papers in both languages. As our business expands, and we are given more work to do, we would hire others to work for us. Maybe we will even hire one of our customers. What better way to boost service than to employ someone from the other side? c)Marketing plan: Our fees would be cheap: $8.00 an hour. Which equals to approximitly, $8.00 for atleast 1200 words. This would include, the paper or essay typed and edited. Graphs and charts would be added if needed, and the paper or essay placed in a nice folder, for no extra charge. It will cost very little to produce this service. We both have up to date computers and printers. We also have the needed softwares and wordprocessors to meet all of our customers needs. The only materials we would need to buy would be: Computer paper - $20.00 per year maximum. Laser refil or ink - $50.00 per year. Advertising - $170 per year ( see advertising ).In other words not more than $240 per year to fully run this service. d)Promotion and advertising: We will put up posters in high schools, cegeps and universities to attract students' attention. We would go where student socialize and hand out flyers, we will also drop flyers in students' lockers. We would advertise in the school newspapers and radios. For one simple reason, our customers are students, so why pay more and advertise in T.V commercials, when most students read their school newspapers. The cost of the advertising would depend on the money available. First, when starting this business we would print out flyers with catchy ads, and hand them out to all students in schools in our area. This would praticly cost nothing, because the computer, printer and computer paper are already available, to start our business. Later on we will advertise, in school newspapers and radio. This may cost approx. $150.00 per month. We would make sure that our adds are affective and tell the customers exactly why they should come to us. Our ads will look similar to this:They would feature a huge, monstrous-looking computer in black and white. On the screen of the computer, written in neon colours it will strike at the fear of students, saying: Are you being PRESSURED to get high marks? Are you running out of TIME? Do you feel PANIC at the never ending mountain of work that needs to be done and typed? Then take a moment and call the M&N typing service at 489-9876 and all your fears will disappear. e)Customers: We feel that cust

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