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Hemp Legalization

As I read over this article, I became more and more furious with the government. Ralph Nadar, the presidential candidate for the green party, talked about his plan to legalize the growth of commercial grade hemp, but the government showed how overbearing it is. One thing that the government said was that if the growth of commercial grade hemp did become legalized, then there would be so man rules and regulations on the growth of it that if would be virtually impossible to grow.

The article mentioned that by legalizing the growth of commercial grade hemp, it would raise the economy of the U.S. by bringing in more money by producing stronger rope and more paper than and tree or plant. One fact that the article failed to mention that the growth of commercial grade hemp would produce more oxygen in the air and also make the ground more fertile in off seasons. The article shows that the government is just trying to find ways to keep the economy from booming and the environment from being clean.

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