Commercial Airplanes: privately owned airplanes in the business of providing service to the general public. Talk about uses. Multibillion dollar industry in less than 90 years. Dates back to 1910. On June 22, 1910 the first regular passenger-carrying airship service was inaugurated. Carrying cargo drove development during 1910-1914 not passengers. In 1919 the first sustained scheduled daily passenger air service started in Germany. In early 1920’s 12 air carrier companies were founded which formed the nuclei of big airlines of the time. They eventually were consolidated into the big 4 known as American, Eastern, United and Trans World or (TWA). Mail carrying was the primary driving force origionally in commercial flight. Engineers in Great Britain produced the first large commercial jet liner the De Havilland Comet. 1940 saw quadruple of transportaion so 1st jumbo jet the Boeing 747 began service in 1970 carrying over 400

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