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Sun Micro System s DOT Sun Micro Systems, a Tech Giant, always seems to persuade its audience through powerful logical persuasion. In this T.V Commercial they have used Informal Logic and Common Sense almost flawlessly. It s the commercial s simplicity that appeals to the audience. The Commercial starts with a soft music. This music tends to grab audience s attention immediately through its soothing and magnificent sound. The commercial tries to convey a simple but powerful message. It states a proposition that makes the audience to think carefully about the ideas presented. It states that borders are of no meaning, we need to resolve our differences and concerns with other cultures. We need to move forward and make profit from the connections. By connections, it means the Tech companies all around the world. Using cultural assumption, the commercial tends to convey that traditions should not stop us from opening doors to new cultures. This holds principles of fairness and equity as an important premise. We need to go global in order to grow and evolve. The commercial uses reasoning to convince its audience that growth and evolution of a culture depends upon its vigor to interact with other cultures. At this point the commercial presents us with perfect common sense idea related to economics. It says that road to success in modern day economy is to compete and destroy competition. This seems to be an ideology that is followed by almost all-giant corporations. Take an example of Microsoft or even Sun Micro Systems have used this ideology to dominate the Tech world almost single handedly. The T.V commercial actually uses a compressed argument, cause the company knows that their audience will accept their ideas. This is the very reason they tend to very simple and try to keep to the point. The T.V commercial asks us a question that What can the dot do for you? . After a pause we see the company s logo. At this point we see use of character with some common sense involved. Since Sun is a large credible company, they know that the company s credibility would influence their audience s thinking. They know that such a compelling appeal from character can influence the audience. If a small company presented this argument its credibility would be questioned. But since this argument comes from a large company its credibility is strengthened more. Finally the T.V commercial answers the all assumptions made. It says, We re the dot in all hCOM s. With this assumption it s quite evident that the company takes credit for the success of all hCOM s in the recent economic boom. Its through its creative ideas, technology and support that these

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