The competition for your long distance phone-calling dollar is fierce and getting fiercer. A relatively recent innovation is 10-10 numbers. Long distance telephone providers are heavy into TV and direct mail advertising. If you pick and choose which 10-10 service you use, keeping in mind when and where you call, you can reap some savings, particularly with in-state daytime calls. The fact of the matter is that I truly believe that most people will end up spending more money than they think. (10-10-321, 10-10-220...) are a way to circumvent your current long distance carrier by dialing a "pic code". By dialing the pic code you will supposedly save 50% (or so they would have you believe!) The fact of the matter is that the dial-arounds are owned by the big long distance telephone carriers and are an effort to increase their revenue by confusing consumers.

10-10-321 and 10-10-220 are the most notorious because of the amount of advertising you see. Famous people exclaim "Save 50% on all your long distance calls!" Here is the irony- These two dial-arounds are owned by MCIWorldCom. Isn't it interesting that they don't advertise this? Here is why- If you are on MCIWorldCom's 9 cents/min or 10 cents/min plan and use 10-10-321 to save 50% you will be in for a BIG unpleasant surprise! You will end up paying more than you would have if you had not used the dial-around! 10-10-321's rates are 50% off the highest undiscounted AT&T rates (25-35 cents/min)

The most heavily advertised dial-aroundservice is 10-10-321, which is priced to deliver savings on calls longer than 20 minutes. The most important thing to be aware of with dial-around services is that their savings claims

are often conditional

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