Dolce&Gabbana, Ethics and Strategy.

Pick any decade...the stereotypes of a strong young man leading his demure

winsome lady through any situation that comes across their paths. Except for the

Dolce&Gabbana advertising campaigns, the stereotype being promoted is of this young

man and lady who are full of style, full of crass, and have their youth ahead of them.

The body language shows a cocky man “leading the damsel in distress,” yet this damsel

is wearing five-inch stiletto shoes, black worn-in leather pants with a top that leaves

little to imagine. Her blond hair is cascading in her face, one hand holding her man’s,

the other might be a gesture used to prove a point. The young man is looking off into

the distance with a daydreaming look, or possibly casting his eye elsewhere...Fun,

young, sexy...full of piss and vinegar.

Dolce&Gabbana is revered by the hip Hollywood stars, rock stars,

and the young occasional socialite. Young wanna-be’s look up to these people and try

to copy their personas as much as possible. This adulteration has lead to an image that

Dolce&Gabanna promotes in their advertising campaigns. Sexy. Wild. Young.

Moneyed. A lot of free time to smell the roses. The young man in the ad campaigns

proudly wears tee-shirts declaring “Charming,” and in another “I Sell Sex”. The woman

is wearing clothes that emphasize her sexuality, her free-spiritness and a daring

persona. Together, these two promote an overwhelming sense of sexuality. These ads

promote a sense of ‘be good, be bad, be yourself.’ To reject what standards society

have set in terms of appropriate attire and behavior, to forget that any morale standards

exist. Essentially, the messages promoted in these ads are against standards set by

religious advocates.

Sex, freedom, and rock and roll which is being emphasized in the Dolce&Gabbana

advertising campaigns adds insult to injury to certain members of the masses whose

ethical standards do not mesh well with the images promoted by Dolce&Gabbana.

Dolce&Gabbana’s ads tell the story of people letting go of their inhibitions, of living

life to the fullest, and of pleasing yourself first and then possibly think of someone else.

This ad tells a message that it is okay to play hooky from work, to go out and have a

fun afternoon and enjoy being yourself, to embrace your sexuality, to explore the

unknown territories of life. However, nothing in those ads can be seen as unethical.

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