Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? (FAS) is a serious heath problem that effects children and their families. Causing a child to suffer from (FAS) is really a form of child abuse that will last for life. (FAS) is caused by exposure to alcohol ingested during pregnancy. Many children that suffer from (FAS) show no external signs but still have uncured serious damage. These children may have normal size, and weight but the brain hasn t fully developed yet. These children are also known as behavior problems, but they can t control their own behavior because they don t receive the proper care and may get more disabled in life. Most infants with (FAS) won t eat, sleep, are extra sensitive to sensory stimulation. Most children with (FAS) have developed delays with lower than normal I.Q. Adults with (FAS) have difficulty maintaining successful independence. They have trouble staying in school, keeping jobs, or keeping healthy relationships. What are some characteristics of (FAS)? Small birth weight Small head circumference Epicanthal folds Small wide spaced eyes Flat midface Short upturned nose Smooth phylum Thin upper lip Small jaw Attention defects Memory defects Hyperactivity Difficulty with abstract concepts Poor judgement Immature behavior Poor impulse control Smaller head Deformed facial features By reading all of these defects do you really think it was worth the one glass of wine or the shot of some hard liquor? I don t. I think it is a shame to do this to an innocent unborn child. Imagine what your child would go through in school. How many time that child would come home crying because someone made fun of them and it isn t their fault that they look that way. (FAS) is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western conservation today. It is caused by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. Research sows that alcohol damage to the developing baby occurs over a wide continuum. Damage varies due to the volume-ingested timing during pregnancy blood alcohol levels, genetics and environmental factors. Should women drink at all? Is there a safe or an acceptable level of alcohol conception for pregnant women? The Royal Collage of Observations and Gynecologists recently did a large study of 400,000 women have congested alcohol during pregnancy. They researched that (FAS) only occurs among alcoholics. Studies show that there is no apparent risk to a child when the pregnant woman consumes one drink a day. The problem. Many people falsely belive that even a single drink during pregnancy can cause (FAS).

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