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Correlational Paper How do one’s social surroundings effect their views on alcohol and drugs? Through a correlational study I hope to find out in what ways students are effected by their surroundings, and if it is truly this that makes them do things or if it is their own will. For example, say as a Freshman Johnny feels that “partying” is bad and he never wants to do it. By finding out why he feels this way and what types of activities he is involved in the research will be able to correlate that with the way he feels about “partying” 2-3 years later. From this research we may be able to find a correlation and therefore determine how people will react in the future. This would prove helpful as an aide to let faculty know why views change and ways in which they can prevent change (or encourage it). By surveying students in their third and fourth year in college I will be able to see if their is a correlation between how the type of person they were and how they felt their freshman year about alcohol and drugs. I will then compare it to whether or not they currently use alcohol and drugs, and see if there is a correlation. Previous research has shown that a subjects vulnerability in early years has lead to later use of alcohol and drugs. The mediator variable would include this and it would also include the idea that the participant’s confidence their freshman year may have influenced the fact that they felt secure in choosing to use alcohol and drugs. A way of measuring the constructs of a correlation is by predetermining the boundaries. For example, in the first part of the survey the participant would be asked how many times a week they engaged in social activities, such as parties, at the end of their senior year of high school. In the second part of the survey the participant would be given the same question only pertaining to now. With these two answers, along with the rest of the information, one may be able to find a correlation between the two. Simple random sampling for juniors and seniors in college would be used for this study. This would give the best possible data, and allow for all those who wanted to be a part of the study to participate. In order to gain the most from this survey it would be done by mail. This would allow for the participants to maintain confidentiality and would not pressure them to participate if they did not want to. The best way to conduct this research would be to use successiv

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