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Weed or Whiskey

Picture a young adult in his late teens lying on a cold, dry, medal slab dead from an alcohol overdose. Now imagine a boy or girl roughly the same age, smoking, or eating marijuana and living to see another day. Why should a drug as deadly as alcohol be legal, when a much safer drug, marijuana, is illegal? I think that marijuana should be legalized and alcohol should be illegal.Many rumors have circulated about the harmful health factors of weed . Speculations include: the deterioration of brain cells, cancer of the lungs, cause of birth defects, impotence in males, and lower intelligence levels. Most of these factors are not proven. Scientific studies of this drug prove inconclusive results. Actually, not much study has been done on marijuana to prove or disprove these theories. Now more than ever, there are even more experiments and advances involving marijuana to find out the side effects of this drug. Alcohol on the other hand, has been proven to deteriorate the liver and is a depressant that slows down heart and brain activity. Alcohol can even poison the bloodstream to the extent of death. Marijuana, alone, has been proven not to kill one of its users. The word of the majority is that weed causes cancer, but studies prove that the only victims of this death were also cigarette smokers or other tobacco users. Not only are there harmful speculations about weed, but there are healthy examples too. Some hippies have documented that weed is good for the eyesight. That is also a theory that has had limited experimental evidence backing it up. Some theories include: marijuana opens the capillaries of the lungs, and is a much more cleaner, lighter smoke than tobacco smoke. Since the limited amount of studies these theories can not be proven without a reasonable doubt the findings are just skeptical. Alcohol is proven to be healthy, if taken at a slight daily amount. Scientists say a certain quantity of red wine a day reduces the risk of heart disease. Both of these drugs do some harm, and have some benefits to a person s health, but witch drug effects the motor skills and decision making process more. When under the influence of marijuana the affected person does have a slower reaction time, but so does a person that has consumed any amount of alcohol. When a person has a high amount of alcohol in their bloodstream, their motor senses are slowed greatly. The poisoned victim has a higher pain tolerance, which creates a sense of power. A stoned person, on the hand, receives a lighter effect on their motor senses and the pain tolerance amount is lowered minutely. That, in turns, leads to less violent behavior, and spontaneous decisions. Some people view marijuana as a therapeutic drug. Something that opens their mind and body to new senses and feelings. While others just smoke to get stoned . This is one of the major factors that governmental officials do not want to legalize it. The government feels that the people who do this become lazy and less responsible to finances and other living factors. Alcohol can also be abused in the same sense of weed. Actually, anyone over twenty-one can abuse this privilege of alcohol and take it to a detrimental extent. Some of this drunkenness leads to violent behavior and aggressive patterns of action. I don t think there are many people that get stoned and then look for a fight. After looking at all the physical and mental effect of these drugs lets look at the monetary pros and cons of these two drugs. The economy could also be helped if marijuana was legalized. It could create more jobs and could be taxed so the government would make money also. The other advantage of this takes effect with the people that live off of the trafficking of weed. They wouldn t be able to compete with the lowered prices that the government would install, and would go out of the business. The amount of illegal drug trafficking would be demolished at an exponential rate. If alcohol was to be made illegal many jobs would be lost and there would be no way of controlling the trafficking of alcohol. Like now, it is a total waste of time and money to try and control the marijuana traffic. If one dealer is arrested two more come in their place. It s all about supply and demand, some people demand it and the others supply it and always will.

Should marijuana be legalized? Many facts in this essay support this action and only few oppose it. In short marijuana and alcohol are both in the same category, they are both mental and physical altering drugs, maybe both of them should be legal?


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