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The war of 1812 was one of eight that our country has fought in. This war left us with a loss of people, property, and money. It was started over many things. One of the reasons was the British impressment of American soldiers.

Impressment is the kidnapping of American sailors. British officials would board American ships and take whomever they pleased. This all started because British soldiers would desert their ships when they docked in America and work on our ships. Some reasons that they would do this is for better wages and better treatment.

The second cause for this war was the attack on the ship "The Chesapeake". The British ship, "The Leopard" attacked it because the captain would not let the British on to the ship to search for deserters. Luckily, during the attack only three soldiers were killed. This intolerable occurance pushed the U.S over the edge.

The third cause for the war of 1812 was because for years, the British had payed indians to attack Americans.This was discovered by William Harrison. After a scurmish with the indians, he and his men discovered that the indians had British guns and gunpowder at Tippecanoe. When colonists confronted the British about this, they denied ever having with those indians.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this entire war was the fault of the British. We tried as much as possible to avoid war, but they kept antagonizing us. The U.S passed the nonviolence acts to try to keep our ships safe and at home, which only led to the British invading our ports to impress our sailors. Last I would like to say that any losses that Britain received were deserved.


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