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Achilles was the best fighter of the Greeks besieging Troy

in the Trojan War. When Odysseus journeyed to the Underworld

to seek the advice of the dead prophet Teiresias, he encountered

the shade of Achilles. Achilles had killed the Trojan hero Hector,

in single combat and was eventually killed by Hector's brother

Paris. Paris didn't actually kill Achilles, it was mainly Apollo. Paris

shot an arrow and Apollo guided it to Achilles' one weak spot, his

heel. Achilles wouldn't have even been vulnerable here, but when

his mom, Thetis, dipped him into the river Styx to make him

invulnerable. But Thetis forgot she was holding him by the heel

and missed that spot while dipping him.

Achilles doesn't have that much relevancy to the Odyssey

but he was in the Trojan War at the very beginning.

I chose Achilles because he was a really good warrior, but

he wasn't completely invulnerable which means it was

possible to kill him. Though I think he could of lived longer

if wouldn't of have been for Apollo.


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