There are many different cultures and religions in this world. I was assigned to attend a different denomination church then my own. I attended St.Nick s liturgy. St.Nick s is a Greek Orthodox Church.

When I went to this liturgy, it was their Easter celebration. This liturgy was a whole new thing to me. The first thing that was very strange was the time I went to the liturgy which was at 11:30p.m. There were so many people and it was so crowded that there were hundreds of people outside crowded around the church. On top of the church on the balcony stood the priests leading the liturgy. The liturgy was spoken half in English, and half in Greek so it was very hard for me to follow. One more thing that was very interesting to me was that everyone had a candle which were eventually lit by one candle. After the liturgy you were suppose to bring this candle home to bless your house.

This project was a very good experience for me. I got to see now one religion differs from mine. It really showed me that there are a lot of different things people believe in and I got to discover one is this project.

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