Ideal of Perfection

Throughout history the Greeks have been know to be excellent in almost every aspect of life. Aristocracy was a major part in the structure of Greek culture and males were the complete rulers of the Greek cities. The Greek s set up a social structure where the males would be gauged by the Greek ideal of perfection. If a male was to follow these ideals he was honored and worshiped by the women and the lower classes of the towns but there were many necessities that one had to abide by.

There are many ideas that the Greeks had to consider for one to be perfect but one of the most important characteristics was for a man to have a gorgeous, slender, muscular and fit body. Since most of the events that took place, mostly arena fighting, took place in the nude and fit bodies were definitely admired. Not only did the females during events and daily life admire these bodies, but since homosexuality was a big role in their society, males liked fit bodies on their male friends as well. It was most common for adult males to have relationships with young men. This was considered a perfection trait because these relations were see to be education, teaching the young me ideas and beliefs about their society among other things. These fit bodies on the men represented that they were strong, powerful, very courageous and since it was mostly military men it showed that they also had money because most people at that time couldn t afford to be in the army because they didn t get paid, hence people in the army must have been able to afford it, they had money. It was not only important to have fit bodies, homosexual partners and money, but an education was very important in this perfection ideal. This education goes along with how men interacted with their homosexual partners. Since these relationships were seen as an education experience for the young men, the males would definitely have to be educated not only in politics but also in daily life. These relation ships were almost like initiating these young men into the life of politics and military dominance. This education factor also works for this whole spectrum. Education means that a male would have a higher place in society, be more powerful and have more money, let him do the things that constitute the ideal of perfection and embrace their sexual partners.

These ideals of perfection for the Greeks were very important, just as it is today. In some ways today s attitudes of citizens resembles that of the Greeks. Everyone likes to be powerful and look good, people buy fancy cars, expensive clothing, and become involved in politics. Most of these items are necessities to become higher up in the social status, just as it was for the Greeks. Most everyone wants to be powerful and there are just those people who have it in them and fit into this molded stature.

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