The Animal Kingdom

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Animals have their own beautiful world, free of complicating human theories. They don’t get into arguments, they don’t cheat, they don’t have heart breaks, they don’t follow any religion and they don’t marry or divorce. They don’t laugh, you said? Okay… they don’t cry too! So how blissful to live like this. Free as wind, racing into green foliage, hunting, mating and sleeping. They live at one place with all the other animals and attack only in self-defense. They never plot or scheme, or try to bring another animal down due to some ego issues like a man, who would attack without real provocation. He would shoot at his fellow being only because that person had parked a car in his area, and would try to bring someone down only to feed his own bruised ego. Since the time we learned to walk on two feet, we began to progress gradually and started to become decadent rapidly. We are in such hurry to call ourselves learned persons, but we never bother to check out our levels of education. Who is an educated person? The one, who acquires many degrees in diverse subjects, leads a highly successful, upwardly mobile professional life, or the one who is evolved, open minded, culturally sensitive and racially tolerant? Does the parameter of education end along with the acquisitions of degrees, or does real education begins from where the qualification ends? Sad, but true, we are still carrying tainted religious biases in our minds, no matter how progressive we think we have become. We still have half-baked knowledge, out of context definitions and biased opinions regarding certain religions, cultures and races. Some stereotypical notions are: ‘All Muslims are fanatics and terrorists.’ ‘All Westerners are promiscuous ’‘Whites are superior to Blacks.’ ‘South Indians are penny pinchers’… ‘Low caste’… ‘High cast’… The list is endless and it proves how we live in pigeonholes and know nothing about the world, except what is taught to us. Aren’t we just passing on teachings to our generations, without educating them? It pains me to hear people utter typecast views about other cultures, and use it vehemently in their speeches, joking about it or getting into serious debates, without bothering to crosscheck facts. We are becoming insensitive to religious tolerance, forgetting the force and beauty of multiculturalism, which exists in our society. All this is happening due to some misplaced obduracy, which stops us from checking on facts, learning the truth behind the rumour and shedding the prejudices that are passed

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