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My book Mickey Mantle, Mickey Hersiswiki, was not a good book. The book was boring, nonfictional, and full of facts. I think that facts don't belong in books, with some exceptions. This book never introduced the characters, it just said names and expected the reader to know them. This book lacked conflict, humor, and an action scene. I gave this book a three because it stunk, all it was was a waste of time. I gave it a 0.001 for plot, 0.01 for action, a humility factor of 0, and for character introduction a 1. Overall, I gave this book a three because somewhere there is this rich guy who scarnmed me to read this (along with many more) and he sold millions of copies. So, I figure he must have been pretty smart to be able to get everyone to read this junky book. I think that the author should receive a little gratitude even if the book is lousy. Also, lots of trees died so that the book could be printed. Those trees need to have been thought of as dying for a good cause. The plot was not good in this book, you may even say it was obsolete. The story was about Mickey Mantle's life. He was a great baseball player, and a loser but the story would reflect off of him and onto someone else's life then back again. This made the book very confusing, which got it a 0.001 for plot. In the book Mickey Mantle, there was no action at all. There was no talk about a mistress, mob connections, or anything cool. Whoever heard of a rich athlete without a mistress? The 0.01 was because for awhile I almost thought that something was going to happen. This book deserved what it got-a next to nothing score with a 0.01 for action. This book stunk all around but especially when it came to humor. What can I say on the subject? There was none, nothing, bone dry, a desert, a bowl of jello in the front of one of the ladies on the old Richard Simmons tapes. If there was something funny in this book it must have been so stupid that I missed it. The introduction to the characters was poor but it did introduce the main character and gave some ba

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