The Palace Of Versailles

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The Palace Of Versailles In order to understand the Palace at Versailles, one should be aware of the Architectural Analysis, the History of the Chateau, the Main Palace Buildings and Rooms, and the purpose of the Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is located at Versailles, France, and was built in 1631 in the order of Louis XIII. It has served as the royal palace and numerous other purposes. It now serves as a museum of French history. It has earned the name “Chateau” which in French means, “Castle”. When the Chateau was first constructed in 1623, it was constructed as a hunting lodge made of brick, stone, and slate (3-1 Internet 3). When the New Chateau was constructed around 1631 and it was decorated in the Baroque style. The style expressed the power and authority of the head of state. Baroque architecture combined in new ways as classical and renaissance elements as columns, arches, and capitals. Sweeping curved areas replace orderly rectangular areas and sculpture and painting played a greater part in building design, helping create an illusion of great space. Interest in the relationship between buildings and their surroundings led to a greater emphasis on city planning and landscape design. This emphasis was used greatly in the construction of the palace at Versailles. Baroque buildings in Austria, Spain, and Latin America were especially ornate and elaborate. The baroque architecture in France was more classical and ordered (pg 85, World Book Encyclopedia). A wonderful example of French Baroque Architecture can be found at the palace of Versailles. The Chateau of Versailles is very rich in history. The land that was selected for the estate was hand picked by no other than the King. The King had a strong passion for hunting and the surrounding woods gave the King a superb place to hunt and practice falconry (Internet 2). The King hated the city of Paris all together. He hated the way it smelled, he hated the way it looked, and he even hated the way it sounded, so he found a place not so far from the city, that would provide him a place to hunt and to work on official royal business (Internet 6). The Construction of the Chateau of Versailles took from 1631-1774 to complete. The Chateau changed many times over the reigns, for the new Kings had new taste and new needs for the palace. Louis XIII transformed and enlarged the first castle from 1631 to 1634 (pg. 320, Encyclopedia Americana). The new King, Louie XIV, decided to recreate Versailles as a nearby castle, Le Vaux-le –Vicomte. There were many architects around the palace but only a few were important. Le Notre was the landscape Architect who worked with Le Vau the architect on the exterior of the palace (Internet 3). Le Brun was the painter who devoted his time to the embellishment of the interior of Versailles with the help of Le Vau (Internet 3). The palace had many rooms and buildings but only a selected few were important. The palace buildings were important enough so that the king would only select a few to use for the important occasions. The South wing housed the original apartments but later was replaced by the Louis-Philippes library (pg. 67 Tiller). The North wing housed the Chapel, the Opera, and the picture galleries (pg. 67 Tiller). The palace also consisted of many important rooms. The Hall of Mirrors stretches at 233 feet long and has held many state occasions including the signing of the Versailles treaties (pg. 67 Tiller). Another important room in the chateau is the Library of Louis XIV. This room features neoclassical paneling and the Kings terrestrial globe (pg. 67 Tiller). There were many purposes for Versailles Palace including a home. Some of the many purposes included a hunting lodge and a museum. One important purpose for the palace was the place for the signing of the Versailles treaty (Internet 6). Now the palace is used as a museum of French history (Internet 6). The palace was also used as the royal residence. The original purpose was for the royal family because the King wanted everyone to be close to him (Internet 6). The king found a place not far away from Paris to build his royal palace for his royal family. The researcher has learned that

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