From start to finish the story of Macbeth proved to be a gripping, powerful, and very illustrious and graphic dipiction of an army general turned king going mad with power, as did the film we watched after finishing reading the play. Both the book and movie had their good, and bad parts or points. Some, actually many thing's between the two were the same. Some good points about the movie, that made it better in certain aspects then the book was that the movie was a lot easier to comprehend, this is probably due to the constant visual aid which a movie offers the viewer, as opposed to the book which gives you an occasional picture here and there, but this doesn't really help because ancient Elizabethan english is not, in my opinion easy to comprehend to an untrained ear. The book however does offer total, and complete explanations of every part of the play, total clarity, if you can understand it, to it's full extent. The movie provided a more exciting, and interesting approach to studying shakespear, I think that it was a great way to end off our study of Macbeth in any event. But if I had to chose between the book and movie, I would definately, like most of the people I assume, chose the movie. The movie had everything you could have wanted, action, suspense, mystery, and at the same time, told the story of Macbeth pretty accurately. I really enjoyed this film, and this play as a whole. Macbeth has proved to be one of my more favoured Shakespearean plays, probably because of the fact that it was short, and to the point, with no beating around the bush, and plenty of gripping action along the way. This is definately a film I would watch again, even a play I would read again.

I'll be perfectly honest, when we first got our Macbeth books, I immediately thought, "yes", sleep time for Nathan, but as we got more into the play I started to get more into it myself, actually paying attention. When we watched the film I actually watched it, I mean why not, it was a great movie, I had no reason not to watch it, but I'm not saying the same about a story like Romeo and Juliet though, sorry that play, I cannot stand.

In conclusion, I thouruly enjoyed this play, and film, but more the film. I feel that the Movie was very well done. It told an acurate enough depiction of Macbeth, while keeping the viewer thorouly interested, from start to finish. It is definately a film I would consider watching again.

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