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When Ted Burton created the film Edward Scissorhand he intended to mock the faults in society. With the assistance of oversized architecture, familiar colors and magical undertones Burton developed a charismatic tale of an outsider+s view on a simplistic, yet confused and altered society.

In this film there is an obvious purpose and utilization of the colors in each scene. In normal usage, black represents the evil while white potrays all that is good, wholesome and pure. Ironically, we first see Edward in his home, in a dark attic wearing a black leather body suit while crouching in the shadows. He is the classic villian. His face is hidden and his body is curled like an animals, anticipating the pounce. Yet he does not pounce. His curled turns slowly arches into a slump as he timidly and mechanically approaches the pastelled Avon lady. While Burton plays with the colors and alters their normal interpretations of good and evil, he also brings new meaning to their counterparting pastels and bright happy shades and hues. The fairy tale opens on a uniformed neighborhood. All the houses are built neatly in a row, the fences carefully lined up and even the neighbors are in routine.

Size plays an important role in this film. Everything is |larger than life.X Even the very first scene begins with an adorable little girl laying in her gigantic cushioned bed, listening to tales that her grandmother has to tell her. Burton makes this bed akwardly large on purpose. His scene is the stereotypical

Why is the inventor trying to create a human being. Since the finished product, what Edward Scissorhands is suppossed to look like when completed, i would deduce that he was not produced to be a compassionate family member indidvidual.


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