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The Wicked Shall Inherit the Earth

In the movie Pennies from Heaven there are many characters that lead unscrupulous lives. These characters seem as if they are unable to separate the real world from the song-like dream world in their heads. This alternate reality seems to enable them to behave terribly, and then think nothing of it. In fact, this movie seems to portray that the worse a person is, the better everything turns out for them.

The main character in this movie is a man by the name of Arthur Parker. Arthur is the perfect example of this; he is a very selfish character. He demonstrates how selfish he is right from the start of the movie. In the beginning he lies to Joan in order to take her inheritance. Arthur wants to buy a store and start a business selling records. He tells Joan that he went to the bank and the manager said, Borrow what you like. A fellow like you is no risk, no risk at all. Joan questions him by asking. Is that true Arthur? He then makes her feel bad for not giving him the money by saying, I said I don t want it. My wife s got some cash and she ll support me.

Since Joan questioned Arthur s honesty, it is obvious that he has deceived her in the past. As a matter of fact she was right to question him, because he was lying to her. He didn t go to the bank until after their discussion, and when he did go he was turned down.

Another time Arthur acted deceitfully was when he pretended to be sweet and innocent regarding Eileen Everson. When he first met her he was in a music store, after she left the owner made the comment, You know what she needs don t ya? Arthur pretended to be upset at this when he replied, Don t talk about a lady like that. On another occasion Arthur was in a bar with a few companions and let on that he met a girl. They ask him a few questions regarding whether or not he had sex with her. Their questioning causes Arthur to fly off the handle and insinuate that he wasn t interested in mere sexual gratification. Arthur says, She s everything to me. By making this statement he acts like he is interested in more than sex, when in actuality he didn t even know Eileen. This being the case, the only thing that he could have been in was lust, not love. Arthur merely liked what he saw and wanted a piece.

The character Eileen is the one who changes the most over the course of the film. This change in her is largely brought about due to Arthur s abuse and trickery. Her change though is far from good; she changes from one of the few decent people into a fairly bad individual. Her change for the worse comes about in order for her to exploit this principle of the wicked abusing the good.

At first, Eileen was a very naive young girl who told Arthur, I m not very at ease with people, men I mean. By saying this she showed that her life was much like the story of Rupunzel which she had previously told to her class, in which Rupunzel did not have much with men. Eileen clearly demonstrated that she lacked such experience with men when she spoke to Arthur. You won t tell lies will you, Arthur? she asked. She then went on to say, You aren t married are you Arthur? At this Arthur wittily came back with, Do I look like a married man? I ve even got a hole in my sock.

Arthur always knew what to say in order to play Eileen. Even when he would slip up, he covered himself. For example when he gave away the fact that he was married, he quickly made up a story of his wife being tragically run over by a motorcycle. This then led him to tears and Eileen was eager to comfort him. She exclaimed Poor Arthur, I ll try to take the pain away! as he so cleverly removed her shirt and had his way with her.

Arthur never comes back to Eileen until it is convenient for him, which essentially means when he is feeling horny. This is made known by his statement to Eileen when she is talking to him in her kitchen. Arthur says, I don t want to talk at all. She responds, What do you want to do Arthur? Arthur answers, Kiss you. Eileen finally shows that she knows what he is up to when she asks, Is that all? Once she asks him directly about his wife Arthur finally sits down and listens to her, he then learns that he has gotten Eileen pregnant. After that, he gave Eileen a fake address he proceeded to seduce her once again with his temptations of marriage.

Arthur is back to his old tricks and he realizes that Eileen has a deeply repressed wild streak that he longs to bring out in her. Little does he know that his scheme to create the perfect lover will backfire and he will end up with a woman who he feels is far too promiscuous.

This all comes about when Eileen is homeless and she tries to go to Arthur for help. She then finds out that the address that Arthur provided her with was fake. By this time Eileen has learned from her experiences that she should have never trusted Arthur. This starts her out selling her body because she is homeless and without any money. So it is after all Arthur s fault that she ends up being a prostitute.

All of this eventually comes back to haunt Arthur. When they finally run off together, they are in need of money and Eileen goes out to prostitute herself. Arthur can t stand this and he gets upset about it.

It is apparent that Eileen s transformation to the dark side is complete when she has an abortion and suggests to Arthur that he should stiff his wife in order to run away with her. This is the first time that she shows no regard for others. They then proceed to trash the record store that Arthur s wife paid for, and eventually have sex on the floor. Then they leave, knowing that they have ruined Joan by letting her old-age money go to waste. This means that Joan will end up with nothing, all because of Eileen.

In the end everything works out for Eileen. She ends up with the man, which she stole from Joan. In the beginning when she was good, Arthur took advantage of her. Now that she is the one that is evil she is the one taking advantage of the only truly good person left in the movie, Joan.

Another character that emphasizes the point that everything turns out well for the wicked, is the mysterious homeless man. This character which Arthur brought into town lives in alleys and plays the accordion. At first he seems to be a likable character, a down on his luck entertainer who attempts to play religious hymns to an uninterested street full of people. This likable character quickly loses the audience s sympathy when it is alluded to that he molests a blind girl that trips over him. Later it is discovered that she had actually been murdered. The real murderer is presumably the homeless accordion player since he is the last one seen with her.

It seems as though this bum gets away with murder scott-free. Arthur evidently takes the blame for the murder, at least initially. This of course was Arthur s own fault, the reason that he was linked to the murder was because he was hitting on the blind girl and evidence of his was found at the scene. His footprint and his fingerprints were left behind; this led the police to believe that he was the murderer. Regardless of the evidence against him everything turns out well for Arthur. Somehow he gets his neck out of the hangman s noose. Even though it isn t shown how or why he gets away he does walk out of the prison at the end and blue skies are shown along with a rainbow. This shows that all is well with Arthur.

Nothing else is shown of the homeless man. There is no evidence that the police ever caught him. So based on the fact that he isn t shown taking Arthur s place at the noose it is likely that he was never found out as the actual murderer.

This leaves the only person in this film that has a negative outcome, Arthur s original wife, Joan. She is the person that seems as though she shouldn t deserve this. Arthur left her behind, with a store that she didn t even want. She had no money to support herself with because Arthur conned it all out of her.

Maybe this movie is a lot like real life after all; the good do get taken advantage of. The songs that live in the heads of all of the people in the world do tell them what to do. Maybe everyone s personal imaginary environment effects the real world because it causes him or her to interact with others differently. As long as we all have a happy world of our own full of songs to retreat to, the real world doesn t seem to matter as much.


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