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LORD OF THE FLIES.Part ABrooke s Hook sThey used choir boys.Using choir boys shows that them turning into savages is more dramatic then cadets changing. He used cadets.The plane crash landed on the island. The plane crash landed in the water.The pilot was dead The pilot was alive and was the image of the monster.A plane flew overhead A helicopter flew overhead. This is how more modern this movie is then the older one.No form of lighting A glow stick. This again shows how much more modern it is.Piggy fell off the cliff after the blow from the rock. Piggy died on the spot, showing the impact of his death. These differences occurred between the two movies because Hook wanted to make it easier for Americans to understand the movie and the theme of the movie. So he added some changes to Brooke s movie and made it more modern. LORD OF THE FLIESPart BThere are many differences between the two movies. While some are minor, others are more dramatic to help express the feelings each character feels and for viewers to understand the scenes easier. The most dramatic difference is in Brooke s movie they used choir boys but in Hook s they used cadets.. The other changes were made to make it easier for American s to understand the language and enjoy it, since the language was quite hard to understand in Brooke s movie. Since the movie was originally made in England with a difficult level of language in it Hook modified some things around but still kept to the theme. The theme was about civilisation. Civilisation separates man from the animals by teaching people to think and work with each other and make decisions. When civilisation slips away on the island with the boys, they revert to their more primitive nature. When this happens their identity starts to disintegrate which is shown by the masks they wear to hide their identity. These masks allow them to kill animals and later to murder.

When Percival forgot his name, it symbolised that he had lost his identity and individuality. LORD OF THE FLIESPart CThe reason why I have brought you all here and gotten you together is to show you how much the occurrence that happened on the island so many years ago made an impact on me and my life. Well, I have a wife now and three wonderful kids and a top job at accounting firm. But there is not one day since that happening where I have lost from memory that awful experience. I close my eyes and see those savages on the rock, yelling and screaming at me with madness in their voices. And those savages, those kids were all of you. Piggy and Simon died that day because you all had turned wild. And you were about to hurt me too! I hope everyone here now realises how they acted back then, how mislead you were. When the navy came and picked us up I went home and I tried to forget that awful experience there on the deserted island, but it wouldn t disappear from my head. How could I explain it all to my parents, I was a ruin, I was in immense depression . I didn t eat, I couldn t sleep. My parents were very worried. I want to fix all that. I want to live the rest of my life without those treacherous dreams, the nightmares. So that s why I gathered you all here. To clear it from my head, get it out of my mind.


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