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In this essay, I will introduce to reader a topic that a lot people thinks that such crazy kind of music. This topic is, of course, Rock music, During couple weeks ago, I looked for information in the library. And from all the information that I have, I gathered them together. I chose to do Rock Music because I didn t like rock music too much, but I thought that it will be a good topic for my essay and I want to learn little bit more about rock music. Rock music is very complex. In fact, it s stylistic scope is to broad to be encompassed by any single definition (Rock Music Groliers, p1). The nearest definition suggests a kind of music that represents and speaks for the teenage society. This music is characterized by using a heavy beat. In this essay, I m going to divide Rock music into four sections: rock of the 50 s of the 60 s. Of the 70 s and the 80 s. Within these sections I m also going to discuss several sub-topics as famous composer and groups, and characteristics of the music. The first section of this essay is Rock n roll of the 1950 s, when Rock n Roll was born. It emerged from rhythm and blues, music similar to jazz played by blacks. This kind of music started to attract white teenagers. Disc Jockey Alan Freed was the one introduced this music and later gave it the name of Rock n'Roll. Record companies distributed record played by white but composed by blacks. Whites were frustrated because there weren t any white artists and they didn t want the blacks to be the stars until Bill Haley appeared with his Rock Around the Clock . In this decade, Elvis Presale introduced a music that was sexual suggestive and outraged dull adults. He changed the style of the music by adopting a country and western style and became a national here. By the end of this decade and the start of the next, Rock n Roll started to decline because it was formula ridden and it was too sentimental. In 1963 the renewal of Rock n Roll came when The Beatles started to play. The Beatles, for some the best rock group ever, were from Liverpool, England. Through the 60 s, The Beatles dominated the record industries and with their dominant instrumentation, which included; electric leads, rhyme and bass guitar, drums and sometimes am electric organ, changed the name of Rock n roll to just Rock. During the 1960 s many other styles of music from Rock like, Motown, Soul music, Jazz-rock, Folk-Rock and many others.


At the end of the century this happy kind of music changed to a more rebellious style that was designated the name of hippie music . Group that played this music was country Joe and The Mamas and The Papas. By the end of the 60 s the distinctions between Rock n Roll and Rock were evident. The early instrument-saxophone, pinao, ampified drums and other electronic devices, Not only did the instruments change but so did the ideas behind the music. For example, to the lyrics of teenage love and adolescent concerns were added social commentary of drugs and free-association poetry (Rock Music . Glovers, p.1). In the 70 s, the common barriers of rock broke into more divisions, like hard rock and mellow rock. Hard Rock was extremely loud and electronically amplified and Mellow Rock was softer and with acoustic instruments. In 1972, In Jamaica, a new style of music was created called Reggae. Reggae is a mixture of rock, soul, calypso and Latin music. The King of Reggae was Bov Marley. Other style more in rock borders since reggae was more Latin than rock, were created in the middle of these century, like: bubble gum rock, a funny playful music directed to the youngest fans, punk Rock, a loud, hard rock style derived from acid rock and marked by its extremes of costume and staging ( Rock Music , Encarta, p.1), and Heavy Metal, which continued the approach to Acid rock but with a simpler musical dimension but relying upon the power of repetitiveness, loud volume, and electronic distortion. The last but not least section of this essay is rock of the 80 s. At the start of this last decade, rock groups became more production oriented,mainly because of the sudden explosion of videos. This new sensation was a good way to sell music to the people, Heavy metal bands were greatly pushed by videos, but most helped were the popular performers like Michael Jackson, Prince and boy George, The influence of British bands of punk, disco, reggae and pop-rock was still big in the US. Rock scene. By the middle of 80 s,slmost every country had begun to support indigenous music, and at the end of this a vigorous talk-song style called rap become extremely popular among urban black teenagers (Rock Music , Encarta, p.1.0.) I ve learned a lot from this essay about Rock music. After writing this essay I have learned the origins of rock and the branches of it.

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