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Corky As I was walking through the Memorial Union the other day, I noticed a magnificent sculpture encased in a glass fixture. This sculpture is of Corky, Emporia State University’s esteemed mascot. Seeing this sculpture, I decided that it would be perfect for this paper. When an individual thinks of what a sculpture is, they often think of marble or rock of some sort that is carved into shapes or figures of famous people from the past. Taking Analysis of the Fine Arts, one would learn that sculpture is also made of things like metal, clay, and even wood. This brings me to the sculpture of Corky. When discussing sculptures in class one of the questions asked is “Where does your eye go first.” For this sculpture my eye first goes to Corky’s face. It’s obvious that the sculptor meant for it to exude confidence and happiness. The eye then goes down the sculpture, studying the intricate carvings of the torso down to the legs. I then moved around the sculpture and noticed the wings in the back made of glass. I had never noticed them before now. After walking around the sculpture, the eye ultimately goes back to the face. Corky is carved out of wood. The sculpture is full round. This is where the sculpture is created by the subtracting of a wood from the base to leave a free standing figure that has shape and form on all sides. The sculptor also used addition by adding the glass to serve as wings. The sculpture can be viewed from any angle, also known as three-dimensional sculpture. The sculpture stands on a base that is also made of wood. Corky is extremely smooth and shiny. The sculpture is very intricate, has strong detail, and is proportionate. The lines of the carving are straight, curved, and jagged. Some are carved very deeply and others not so deep. The exterior of the sculpture was probably sanded and then some sort of oil or protectant was probably applied to help maintain the shine and smoothness. The sculpture gives off the feeling of happiness and pride. It conveys a feeling of Emporia State University and what it means to be a student here. He is in a walking stance giving the sculpture action. His shoulders are pulled back and he strides with confidence. I chose this sculpture for numerous reasons. The first is that it is one on this campus and thus easy to access. Another is because it is a prime example of who and what we as Emporia State University students stand for. Most people do not consider Corky a “sculpture” or a piece of art. I wanted to examine and draw attention to it. Not only is it made of a material that usually is not associated with sculptures, it is also one of great size. I know that there are many that put Corky to shame as far as size is concerned, but he is not small by my standards. When I think of woodcarving, I think of a flat piece of work, which is only two-dimensional. Woodcarvings are usually rough and have little to no luster about them. Corky is none of these things. He exudes a feeling of a real person, as if he really exists. The shape and details are astounding. How someone has such control over their hands to work in such small places and then make it all come together to form a larger figure is amazing. I am enthralled and enticed. If only I had that much patience in life and in art. Word Count: 600

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