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Thank You

You have taught me how to fall in love,

You are the song that I could only have,

And with that love, I’ve learned to let go,

Though deep in my heart, I love you so.

Thank you for the pains that made me cry,

Now the tears that I once had went dry,

Thanks for hurting me day after day,

Now my love for you has faded away.

Thank you for your untrue promises,

For telling me lies and your sweet caress,

My trust for you slipped away from my mind,

All your lies, I cannot leave behind.

I want you to know that I am happy now,

Hating you made me stronger somehow,

I have survived with my feet on the ground,

I lost you, but someone I have found.


Australian hyperrealist sculptor, London-based Ron Mueck is as mysterious as his sculptures. Born in 1958, he spent much of his youth forming toys as his parents were toymakers. Mueck is wedded to a scriptwriter, Caroline Willing. They have two daughters. His road into the sculpture world was initiated by his mother-in-law, hastened by dealer and collector Charles Saatchi, and nurture by the leading gallerist in London, Anthony d’Offay, who also displayed the works of Gilbert and Lucian Freud, George, Joseph Beuys, Robert Mapplethorpe, Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol at his Dering Street place. He had no proper education in art and he bypassed art teachings to go directly into childrens television, followed by into model-making and cartoons for the marketing industry.

In time, Mueck concluded that photography practically demolishes the physical existence of the original object, and so he shifted sculpture and fine art. Still in his advertising years in 1996, Mueck was requested and paid to create something that would be highly realistic, and was wondering what stuff would do the trick. Latex was the most common, yet he desired something harder and more accurate. Fortunately, he saw a small architectural decoration on the wall of a boutique and made inquiries as to the fine pink material’s nature. It was fiberglass and Mueck has made it his marble and bronze since then.

Mueck shifted to fine art in 1996, joining forces with British Paula Rego, his mother-in-law and one of the leading modern painters in the world. Her work suitably copes with the mysterious side of fairytales and myths. However, she had a problem. She wanted a replica of Pinocchio for a work of art she was functioning on for an exhibit at Hayward Gallery in London. The figure of Pinocchio is the typical personification of truth and dishonesty. She requested her son-in-law to crackle up something to create small form as a piece of a representation she was screening at the Hayward Gallery. Mueck was introduced to Charles Saatchi who was instantly overwhelmed by his work and began charging and collecting his works. Mueck moved ahead to create his own business in London, making photo-realistic animatronics and props for the advertising business. Even though highly comprehensive, these props were typically intended to be photographed from one precise position hiding the muddle of construction noticed from the other part.

His previous sculptures were formed with fiberglass, but lately he has started to work with silicone, which is more elastic and allows greater easiness in implanting hair and shaping body parts. It was after 15 years of Mueck’s career as a puppeeter and model maker that he was given an opportunity of working in special effects for such moviess as Labyrinth, a fantasy epic starring David Bowie in 1986. This resulted to the part which Mueck made Dead Dad, honoring the loss of his father by a smaller than life-size sculpture, which fascinated Brooklyn Museum’ visitors when it was included in the show Sensation being incorporated in the Sensation exhibit at the Royal Academy the next year. Dead Dad is a rather haunting silicone and mixed media carving. It is the only effort of Mueck's that makes use of his own hair for the finished creation. Mueck progressively desired to construct realistic sculptures which looked ideal from all angles. It was through this work that Mueck initially achieved worldwide attention.

Mueck's masterpieces authentically reproduce the tiny feature of the human body, yet play with level to produce confusingly raucous visual images. In 1999, his five metre high sculpture Boy was featured in the Millennium Dome and displayed in the Venice Biennale soon after.

More freshly, expositions at the National Gallery in London and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sidney incorporated work conceived throughout Mueck’s two-year residency as National Gallery’s Associate Artist. One of Mueck’s sculptures, Pregnant Woman, an eight-foot-high mother with feet evenly planted and arms crossed overhead, a downward glance. It was a gigantic self-portrait of his head, and a little, hopelessly weak old lady tucked up in bed. It was bought for $461,300, the highest cost paid at the time for art by an existing Australian by the National Gallery of Australia, in Canberra. Huge, notoriously and gangly bashful, his obsessive idea has created this sculpture. Elsewhere, a baby rests on its tired mother's stomach as she looks upon it with barely covered alarm. Through his meticulous masterpieces, which are constantly either smaller than life-size or enormous, Mueck discovers the indistinct connection of reality to artifice.

Mueck clarifies the origin of Big Man, one of his works and presents an explanation of his method—a bold edition of traditional principles in defiance of computer-supported design. Part sensitive, part willed, his multi-staged procedure engages a run of discoveries and experiments. He exposes the need of creating discerning adjustments to make the most of the emotional and physical quality of his figures. Eventually, Mueck’s accomplishment centers on control and faith. Through mastery of his resources in a seamless, apparently natural approach, he stimulates our motivation to believe in images that our thoughts keep alive.

A most important show of his work was exhibited in Edinburgh as part of the Royal Scottish Academy Building’s Edinburgh Festival until October 1, 2006. A solo exposition of his nine works was revealed at the Brooklyn Museum from November 3, 2006 until February 4, 2007. This solo exhibition of his works, recognized for his unusually lifelike, compassionate representations of his themes, incorporated five major latest works commissioned by Paris’ the Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, where they were freshly presented to an keen viewers of 75,000 guests. Additional masterpieces on loan from North American compilation are included to the Brooklyn show, the only United States presentation before the exhibit takes a trip to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, from 2 March to 6 May 2007 and arranged by the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris, in partnership with the Scottish National. Gallery of Modern Art the National Gallery of Canada and the Brooklyn Museum. Five works in the show were commissioned by the Paris’ Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain on sale from November 2005 to February 2006 and tour to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh from August to October 2006. The extended Brooklyn Museum production is organized by the Deputy Director for Art, Charles Desmarais.

There is an overwhelming debate over illusionism, naturalism and realism on Mueck’s works. A positive sincerity and freshness of idea distinguish him from the nonchalant mockery of a lot of of his colleagues who also explore approaches of realism. Most of all, Mueck is a master at organizing tensions that both magnetize and isolate. His sculptures invite close-up assessment of veins, blemishes, hairs, and appearance, taking an individual on a psycho-topographical expedition. If one stares long and intensely enough, that person could experience a ghastly beauty. However, the similar verisimilitude produces a strange distance that is as evenly penetrating of our present existential condition.

Mueck is an expert of increasing the sense of the sight, producing a bodily wisdom to the emotional. His works control a mysterious capability to astound with obsessive outside detail and powerful psychic release. Engaging and uncontrollably well-liked, they reveal our need to validate our compassion to humanity, even as they frustrate our efforts at full revelation.


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Baker College (2005). About Baker. Retrieved April 24, 2006, from


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