David Rasura

Professor Voskuil

English, Thurs. 8:00

January 20th

Pirates and The Movies

There are many things that effect people during the course of their lives. I myself don’t have anything that really affects me. Since I am a student I try to keep away from many issues that plague our society today, so it was quite hard to find two issues that I find special to me. The issues I found are on how movies can influence society bad and piracy over the internet.

I think that movies play a big part in many people’s lives. Many people find themselves wanting to be in or part of the movie. Some even try to do what the movies showed them. I think that many movies can bring the idea that it is all right to do certain things. I have seen from personal experience that people try to imitate movies that they have seen. To most people that isn’t a problem, but from what I have seen many do the bad things that movies offer.

To give a short example I have noticed many of my friends started thinking that in order to block out their negative emotions they need to get drunk or do drugs. At first I tried to understand why they needed to get drunk or do drugs. Then I started noticing that in many movies it is understood that after a hard days work or a bad day that it is understood that drinking should solve your problems. This is a suggesting to the audience that getting drunk is okay and especially tells young people that it is acceptable in society. I know that it effects more than movies audiences, because people who learn from the film tend to teach to someone who is their friend or associate that it is good to get drunk to fell satisfied with what they did or to drown your sorrows away. I feel that it isn’t that the movies are bad, but that people should think that it is just a movie and that they shouldn’t always have to imitate what they see.

Another problem I wish to talk about is the new version of Pirates. The pirates of the internet. Stealing software has become the new trend in society. Almost everyone who travels the internet does if they know it or not. Billions of dollars are being taking from industries with people who just take everything for free. Warez is what they call it. I know it so very well. I myself have downloaded many things off the internet that are worth thousands. The thing is that we can’t afford such luxuries. I think if maybe companies who sell this software should bring prices down. No normal person can afford their two CDs and book for one thousand dollars. Almost everyone that I know has taking something. Even if you don’t think you do. How about MP3s? That is right. MP3s are pirated music. People are stealing millions of dollars from music companies. Now I myself enjoy pirating off the internet. I think that if you really can’t afford it that it is all right to take it. Now if someone can afford it then they should buy it. Not because it is right, but it is better software. Everything runs better if you buy it.

Those are some issues that I like to talk about. I don’t think that movies are bad, but mainly the people think that they have to try what they see and that it is okay to steal off the internet. I know that it is illegal, but I am young and there is nothing else for us to do but be rebellious,

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