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Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, on January 27, 1756. He was

known by two names, Wolfgang and Amadeus. His dad was a famous

composer, and his name was Leopold Mozart. Mozart was very gifted in

music since he was little. In fact, he is known as one of the greatest

musicians of all time. He was playing the keyboard at four, and he

composed his first pieces at age five.

As Mozart grew up, his father took his family on many tours to show

off their musical talent. They moved to Italy, but moved back to Salzburg

after a few months. His dad would take Mozart on trips to Italy, where

he d learn and gain more musical talent. It was those trips that made him

realize his unique style of composing. By 1772, he d written about 25

symphonies and his first quartets. No one understood Mozart s style of

music, because it was so much more complex than they were used to.

Therefore, they didn t appreciate it for nearly what it was worth. Ten years

later, in 1782, Mozart was married to Constance Weber. He had a happy

married life. Together, they had six children, but only two lived. Mozart

made his income by teaching. After a while, the two became financially

unstable, and had troubles paying their bills. Mozart had held the position

of court organist, and composed some of his best, and most famous

pieces while working there. However, members of the court became

tired of his new revolutionary style.

In 1791, Mozart was asked to write a Requiem (unfinished) to be

used at a funeral. Mozart became obsessed, thinking that this was for his

own funeral. It ended up being for his own, because he died of

unknown causes shortly after a 3-week fever. He died in 1791 at the age

of 35. Throughout his life, Mozart composed over 41 symphonies and

quartets. Some have still never been discovered. Some of his most

famous pieces were Requiem and Figaro.


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