The film Amadeus, directed by Milos Forman, written by Peter Schaffer, and under the musical direction of Neville Marriner, stars F. Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri, Tom Hulce as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Elizabeth Berridge as Constanze Mozart.

Amadeus begins as two servants find Salieri seconds after he has tried to commit suicide. He is rushed to the hospital where he is met by a priest. As Salieri begins his dark tale of deception and greed, the film explains the desire that Salieri has to be Mozart. His story tells of humor and sadness, marriage and death, sanity and insanity. As the movie continues, Mozart writes operas and symphonies and marries Constanze. The two share a wonderful life of wealth and friends. This slowly begins to fade with the death of Mozart's father who was his mentor. Mozart slips into insanity while his music is dark and takes him longer to produce. Everyone begins to forget about Mozart as Salieri begins to be the composer he once was.

The most important person in the whole movie is Salieri. Even though the film is about the life of Mozart, Salieri gives a different point of view than anyone saw it before. Salieri's life centered around the desire to become Mozart, which eventually turned him against himself and everything he ever believed in. Salieri was convinced he was the best composer in Vienna, until he meets Mozart. The central idea of the film is how he becomes so frustrated with himself and his music, that he turns against himself and God. Now he has devoted his life to ruining Mozart instead of focusing and trying harder on his music. Turning against himself was the worst idea. It is almost as if he sold his soul, and could never get it back. Because once he made that decision he could never change it back.

Amadeus is a great film. The way the director brought this story together was absolutely incredible. The film also gave a great look at the way we act and treat each other. The way we look at people when they are on top, and how we look at them when they are nothing. The acting was excellent and so was the setting. The music was the best part of the film. For example, there would be a conversation going on and then music would come into the scene unexpected. It catches the viewer off guard and makes the music seem more powerful. Other scenes that should not be left out were the operas. They were well choreographed and were breathtaking. The opera scenes were the most memorable parts of the film.

This movie is a superb example of a well made movie. The acting, the music, everything helped to make this movie an unforgettable experience. F. Murray Abraham did a great job as Salieri, he made the character really come to life. But, Tom Hulce as Mozart was the greatest. He did such a great job at playing a little child in a grown mans body. It is very terrible that he was not nominated for this film. Amadeus is a film that will long be in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

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