Archemides Term Paper

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Archimedis was born in 287 BC. We also know that Archimedes died in 212 BC at the age of 75 in Syracuse. It is said that a Roman soldier, who was offended by Achimedes, while the Romans seized Syracuse, killed him. Archimedes had a wide variety of interests, which included encompassing, statistics, hydrostatics, optics, astronomy, engineering, geometry, and arithmetic.

Archimedes had more stories passed down through history about his clever inventions than his mathematical theorems. Archimedes’ most famous story is about the king asking a guy to make him a gold crown. The king supplied the guy with the gold and told him to get it done. This guy asked Archimedes to think of some way to test the weight of gold. Archimedes was unsuccessful until one day as he entered a full bath, he noticed that the deeper he went into the tub, the more water flowed out of the tub.

This discovery made him realize that the amount of water that flowed out of the tub was equal to the volume of the object being put in. Therefore by putting the gold into the water, he could tell by the rise in water level the volume of the gold.

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