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Paper #1

The article that I have reviewed is on NASA’s close-up images of asteroid Eros. A CNN staff writer talks about the way the images of the asteroid looks and writes how scientists make observations. The scientists believe that the asteroid may have broken off from small planet from the observations of the images. The robot ships pictures show signs of geological layering. The scientist’s educated guesses are that Eros was once part of a larger body and the images show six or seven huge boulders. The gravity factor on Eros is much less than Earth’s. However scientists find that the gravity on the Eros is strong enough to move these boulders the size of soccer fields. Also it was seen that the boulders make it possible to have future missions on the asteroid and uncover what is on the inside of the asteroid. The article takes a look into astronomy and the scientists use the scientific method by using the images.

People should care about this because the research is paid for with taxpayers money.

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