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Stephen Ferruzza Astronomy project #3


Theories of how quasars are created is based on the idea that the universe is expanding. Amoung astronomers, the popular consensus is that the earth is in an expanding univerise and the laws of physics will hold true beyond our planet. Some astronomers belive that at the beginning of the universe was a time when many galixies would be visible to the naked eye because the universe was more condesed than it is at the present day. In the centers of many galixes would be radiant objects that looked like stars but seemed brighter than all the stars in its galixiy. Astronomers call these objects quasars andbelive their presence to be more plentoful during the eairly formation of the universe.

The quasars seen today are billions of light years away indicating that they have already come and gone and they no longer exist. A massive collision is a probable process in which quasars form. It is possible that the diminishing number of quasars in the univerise is due to the fact the universe is expanding and that fewer collision are taking place. The hubble telescope revaled that amung galixies with quasars in them, three quarters appear to be colliding with or swallowing other galixies.

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