Copernicus Term Paper

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Copernicus' work on planetary motion stood an a very high mathematical level for his times. His theory explained how all the celestial bodies move around the Sun. It took Nicolaus 30 years of mathematical research to form a theory about planetary motion. The three most popular instruments which Copernicus used were quadrant, armilla, and triquetrum. All furnish some measure of the position of the heavenly body. It took an endless amount of mathematical calculations to come up with the Copernicus' theory. He had to find out how fast the Earth spins around the Sun, and how far the Sun is. He also had to calculate the length of the orbit of the Earth. People use math in every walk of life. In our days everything is related to math, and Copernicus used his knowledge of mathematics to provide the human kind with an important discovery.

Only a small amount of people are interested in Copernicus' work. If it wasn't for Copernicus' love of scientific truth, the people would not know that the Earth spins around the Sun, and not the other way around. That's way we should live with the knowledge that someone spent 30 years researching and finding the truth, and that man was Nicolaus Copernicus.

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