Evolutionary Change Is Only Possible In The Absence Of Major Internal And External Conflict!

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EVOLUTIONARY CHANGE IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE ABSENCE OF MAJOR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CONFLICT! During the period between World War One and World War Two Australia and Germany both had some change. Evolutionary change is slow and gradual with no violence or conflicts in the country. Germany had major internal and external conflicts in this period, which resulted in quick revolutionary change. Australia on the other hand had limited internal and external conflict in the country and so the change was almost unnoticeable. The Germans main reason for revolutionary change is that they had defeat in the war, which is a major factor of rapid change, and the rise of Hitler brought about anti-semitism, political extremism and violence. There were also many internal conflicts in the country. Australia s change was very slow due to them winning World War One, although there was some internal problems like the inequality of treatment of the returned soldiers. Also the depression led to poverty or wealth for many people in the country. In Australia the change was gradual after the war, but one thing that did change greatly was the social attitudes and morals as Australians eased themselves away from the nineteenth century social ideals. Some changes involved venturing into relationships, urban entertainments, smoking in public, going to parties and going to movies. All these social activities showed the casual approach of many people in Australia after the war. In the 1920 s Australia saw a rapid advancement in the aviation industry, with Australians leading the world in many areas. This was closely linked with Australia winning the war, because Australia did not have to rebuild their aviation industry, like Germany, and so they were constantly upgrading their aircraft s. The soldier settlement scheme was a pathetic failure because the government gave most of the returning soldier s land in the dry areas of Australia for farming. The main problems were that most soldiers had no experience in farming, the prices of stock and equipment were high after the war, most settlers had little capital and the blocks of land were too small to be viable. All of these problems imminently led to many soldiers leaving the farms and going elsewhere which evidently was a large contributor to the unemployment in Australia at that time. The next change was that the great depression hit the Australian economy causing great diversity between the rich and poor. Unemployment spread through the work force with great speed and no one knew who would be out of a job next. Some people who lived in the wealthier suburbs of Melbourne survived with little evidence of any damage to their economic and job status, although petty crimes happened frequently in the wealthy areas. The role of women changed dramatically in the 1920 s because they began to break away from their traditional role of being a domestic labourer. Many women changed and refused to go back to their place in the home and this brought about laws of equality for men and women. Germany lost World War One and this brought about many changes, which is referred to as a revolution. The treaty of Versailles was very harsh on Germany after the war, but they were told to sign or the war would start up again with Germany having limited strength. The dictated peace settlement was so harsh that they even lost land and were forced to pay for the many other countries debts resulting from the war. Germany, in some ways, deserved what they got from the peace treaty after the unfair one that they showed to Russia in Brest-Litovsk. The treaty predominantly caused revolutionary change in Germany with violence, demilitarisation and many internal and external conflicts. Basically, the treaty of Versailles would not allow any evolutionary change. The Weimar Republic was a quick change in the political field for Germany and it lasted until 1933 when Hitler destroyed it. During its short life it was extremely unstable and only showed stability when Gustav Stresemann was the leading politician from 1923 to 1929. Germany seemed to be restoring herself quite efficiently until the World economic crisis produced six and a half million unemployed people. The government was suffering badly and could not cope with the situation and by the end of 1932 the Weimar Republic seemed on the verge of collapse. Hitler took advantage of this scenario and in his propaganda he blamed the government for the ills of Germany. Hitler then became the dictator of Germany until April 1945 by ceasing any democracy in Germany. It was obvious that Germany had many internal conflicts in the country which revolutionary changed the country. The hatred of Jews in Germany was very obvious throughout Hitler s reign, which even stemmed down to

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