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Trees the Most Valuable

Resource on Earth Today

Forests are one of the most

valuable resources on the planet today.

Without forests it would be almost

impossible for any living thing to survive.

But, with this in mind many people

destroy forests. It is as though they

don"t even care that they are dooming

themselves as well as the trees.

Hopefully through this article I can help

save the forest and help human kind, as

well as all other organisms, by telling

how important the forest is and how it


What is a Forest?

A forest is more than just a

bunch of trees growing next to each

other. A forest is a very complex system

of animals and plants, living in and on

fertile and suitable soil. Forests are

divided up into five different levels or

layers. These levels are the canopy,

herb, shrub, understory, and the forest

floor. The canopy layer is the top layer.

This is where photosynthesis takes place

and it"s also where the leafy tops of the

trees are. This layer is home to a variety

of insects and squirrels. The next layer is

the understory. This is made up of

smaller trees and is home to birds and

climbing animals. The third layer is

known as the shrub layer. It is made up

of shrubs and vines. It also provides nuts

and berries. The next layer is the herb

layer. This layer is made up of soft green

plants and wildflowers. Birds, insects,

snakes, and toads also nest there. The

last and final layer is the forest floor.

This is the thick fertile soil covered by

twigs, branches, insects and detritus.

Why are Trees Important?

Trees are major erosion blockers.

Their leaves intercept rain and lower the

force of impact the water has on the

ground. Each tiny rain drop is like a

miniature bomb. It splatters and washes

dirt away with it. Tree roots also hold in

soil and keep it from washing away.

People plant trees on mountain slopes

and other similar places to prevent

mud slides. This aspect makes trees a

very valuable resource.

Healthy forests serve as

wonderful habitats. It provides clean

water, food, shelter, and the space that

living organisms need to survive.

Different animals need different

habitats. The forest gives them this with

a variety of places to live. All though

some live on the ground, most of them

live in trees. Insects live under the bark

and worms, chipmunks, and shrews live

under the roots. Others such as the

Kentucky Wobbler, Red Tail Hawk, and

a variety of other birds live in the

branches. Destroying the forest destroys

their home.

How to Help the Forest.

Stewardship is a program that

was made to care for our forests and

trees. People who own forests are care

takers for the next generation. Stewards

put a lot of effort into taking care of the

forest. They spend a lot of time to make

sure the forest is growing properly. To

become a steward you must have at least

ten acres of forest land. It must either be

used for production of wildlife habitat or

for recreation and relaxation. Being a

steward is a great way to help preserve

our forests.

If a forest or trees must be cut

done there are proper ways to do so.

They cut forests in three different ways,

these are hygrating, shelterwood, and

clear cut. Hygrating is only cutting the

best trees down. Shelterwood means to

cut down fairly decent trees. Clear

cutting means to cut down all the

trees. Any tree that is cut down should

be replaced. I prefer shelterwood,

because it allows for more growth of a

better species. Sometimes we have no

other choice, but it should be done


The Beauty of Trees

We use trees for beauty in scenic

nature as well as for beauty in yards,

parks, and other places. Trees also

purify the air of pollution. Trees are

sometime used in large cities to lower

noise pollution. Forests are used for

recreation. Their beauty attracts many

tourists. They provide shade on hot days

and allow relaxation. They are very

lovely in the fall when their leaves are

falling. Trees can do all this without

being cut down.

They are very important to our

world today. If we didn"t have trees our

soil would be washed away, pollution

and noise would be unbearable, and we

would all soon die from the lack of

oxygen in the air. My proposition to you

the next time you are thinking of cutting

a tree down, and are not going to replace

it, is to remember this article and think

twice before doing so.


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