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A. Adaptations: enabled them to live their entire life without water.

1) lungs - most have 2 but snakes have 1 which fits neatly into its slender body

* How canthey breathe while eating then??

a special tube in the mouth that extends outside the snake's mouth while swallowing so doesn't suffocate

2) scaly skin

a. dry and leathery

b. advantage: helps prevent loss of water in dry environment

3) toes, claws, suction cups - help climb and dig (some are legless Ex. snakes)

4) amniotic egg

a. do not need water for development

b. creates a protected environment for the embryo

c. parts:

1. Amnion - membrane enclosing the salty fluid in which the embryo floats

2. Yolk Sac - encloses the yolk which is rich in nutrients and nourishes the embryo

3. Allantois - stores waste

4. Chorion - lines the outer shell, encloses the embryo and other membranes - also aids in gas exchange between egg and outside environment

5. Leathery Shell - waterproof but porous


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