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John James Audubon John James Audubon was born in 1785 Santo Domingo, which is now Haiti. After arriving in America in 1803, he began the extensive ornithological observations. Ornithology is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of birds. These studies would later lead to the publication of his bird drawings and paintings. His published collection, The Birds of America, was a collection of these works. It is considered a classic work of ornithological and American art. The text that accompanied these pictures was titled, Ornithological Biography(5 volume, 1831-1839). It was written in collaboration with the Scottish naturalist William MacGillvray. Audubon's drawings and paintings remain one of the great achievements of American intellectualism. From these achievements, new organizations sprouted up around the United States. The most protuberant though is the Audubon Society for the protection of birds, founded in 1886, it still thrives today. Ironically, John James Audubon shot many game birds in his younger years and throughout his lifetime. This organization is founded on the idea of working on the behalf of the birds. Through advocacy, legal means, and grassroots outreach, the society strives to protect these feathered creatures through safekeeping of their habitats. The following page details the accomplishments, before and after the life of John Audubon in an out-line.

* John James Audubon * Early life * Born in Haiti in 1785 * Arrived in America in 1803 (Philadelphia) * Began ornithological studies * Audubon Society * Founded in 1886 * Strives to save birds * Issues newsletters, uses grassroots outreach, etc. * Audubon Society, Nat'l. 700 Broadway, N.Y., NY 10003; 538,151. * Art * The Birds of America (pb. 1830) * Ornithological Biography * William MacGillfray * Influences * Flight of pigeons seen takes 3 days to pass overhead * Described by Audubon as "torrent of life" * Found financial support in London * Travels to Ft. Union to sketch wild animals * Death and Post-life * Dies Jan. 27, 1851 * National Audubon Society began (1885) * A Field Guide to the Birds, written by Tory Peterson, picked up where Audubon left off


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