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First task turn the bath water on as we start the yew hedges. Although these received a skim over last month they need a proper trim. The real trick is to clear the surface growth with trimmers but follow behind clipping back the long up right side growth with secatuers. Yew makes a wonderful hedge, it is the only conifer – though not a botanical correct term as it actually has berries rather than cones that will re-grow from old wood. However, before you dash out and level some over grown hedge like most trees there comes a time when this ability is greatly reduced. We are using my favorite tool the long handled hedge trimmer this is ideal for doing the wide tops and some of ours are 6 foot thick which is far beyond the safe and sensible reach of hand shears.This is a double sided blade ie it cuts left and right which means you can achieve an almost billiard table finish. Yew hedges have one down side, they are dusty and the small leaves fly of and stick in every bodily crevice hence the Bath water!

Next the pillar yews these are the ones growing along the curtain wall border and in the Mount Vernon garden this type of yew some times called Irish but real term is fastigiata –which means up right or column shape which it is supposed to naturally grow. These need strapping up tight. There are two reasons, one they look neat but as with most garden work there is an oft forgotten practicality. Their biggest enemy is snow fall this will bend the branches out and ruin the entire tree.

Meanwhile the liquid weeding continues with a herbicide , these don’t work too well on long term perennial weeds such as bind weed and couch grass which have the ability to regrow from deep roots but they have the advantage that they only effect green growth which means they can be used up close against the stems of woody plants, ideal for getting weeds out under hedges etc, actually used frequently they eventually deystroy even the most persistent weed . All this might sound alarming to the Organic purist but try running something of our size with out them!

I am resisting planting any thing else out as it would need continuous watering, we forget that even after planting most container grown plants will dry out their compost as quick as they would on a nursery bed and thus need watering almost every day. A Mulch of grass clippings would help with the surface evaporation but the plant is still only drawing water from a small root ball and not the surrounding soil.


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