Go Ask Alice

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I read the book, Go Ask Alice. The author was anonymous. The main character was a girl, and her name was not mentioned. It was written as a diary. I thought that this book was very interesting because it was true; it is based on an actual diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user. In the beginning, she has a break up with her boyfriend and is anorexic. She eats very little. She overcomes that obstacle though. The girl moves because her father gets a job at a university as a professor. She moves with her father, mother, brother Tim and her sister Alex. She has a hard time fitting in at her new school. She hates it. One day though, she meets a girl named Beth. Beth and she talk about boys and drugs, and how they hope never to do them. Beth goes away to a Jewish camp, and when Beth returns, she has a boyfriend, and is able to spend less time with the main character. While Beth was at summer camp, the main character went to her grandparents. There, unintentionally, she tried drugs. She tried Speed and she liked it a lot. Once she went back home, she became friends with a girl named Chris. They get a job together, and do a lot of drugs together. Her parents are extremely upset with her. From then on, things just became worse and worse. Everything goes down hill. She begins to do worse drugs, and other things the she said at the beginning of the book were wrong. She ends up running away twice and that is only the beginning of it. So many things happened in this girl's life. I thought the book was boring in the beginning, only because there was no real problem. As the book continued though, I just got more and more into it. The best part of the book was probably when she was in a mental institution. Everything was so descriptive, that I could almost see it. One weak part of the book is that no matter where the girl is, or how high she is, she still writes the same. That is not realistic to me. Another thing that was not very good about the book was the author. Alice was only mentioned once, and there was no conversation or anything with or about her. It just said that she was sitting on a curb stoned. It doesn't make sense to me why they would name the book after her. There is not much more that I can tell you about the author, because it will give the book away since it is an autobiography. Towns and such were not even mentioned, so I can't give you that information either. There is no story behind the story, because it is not made up. It is an actual diary. I think the reason it was published though is so that it could be an educational tool on how drugs can mess up someone's life. This book was very intense. I never cry during books, but I did cry a lot during this one. I could look at the main character's life and see a resemblance that is in some of my friend's lives. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is

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