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Academic research encompasses a very wide range of study, writing, and research levels. Research papers are required not only at the college level, but also at the highly academic level, with expert professors in their respective fields required to publish reports to further human knowledge. To ensure the quality of a research paper at any level of academic investigation, it must adhere to certain requirements and include a number of fundamental components.

The first requirement after choosing a topic, is that the researcher should ensure familiarity with the requirements for the paper. These are issued either by the lecturer, university, publication, or other recipient of the research. Some entities have very strict guidelines in terms of citation styles and structure. A good research paper strictly adheres to these.

In investigating the topic, the researcher needs to search for quality sources of information. Credible sources should be sufficient to cover the scope of research. The Internet is an ever-widening source of information on any topic imaginable. The researcher should use his or her discretion in selecting Websites for information, and evaluate them critically for quality. To ensure that the research data are comprehensive, the researcher can make use of a variety of different source types, such as newspapers, academic journals, books, and Websites.

Research data need to be thoroughly evaluated for applicability to the research topic. According to Arthur Dirks, “Analysis and critical thinking are ongoing as one encounters the data, evaluating the concepts and considering their implications.” Evidence of analysis and critical thinking should be clearly available throughout the research paper. It is vital that all data be both relevant and authentic in order to underline the ultimate credibility of the final research product.

The structure of the research paper incorporates an introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction contains general information that leads to the thesis statement. Such a statement delineates the focus of the research paper, which is also the hypothesis to be substantiated by the body of the paper. The body contains several paragraphs, each beginning with a topic sentence, as suggested by William Strunk, Jr. (15), who instructs the researcher to “…begin each paragraph with a topic sentence; end it in conformity with the beginning.” Each paragraph then is a unit that serves the overall unit of the research paper. The research is ended by the conclusion section, where the researcher briefly summarizes the main facts and findings of the paper, and restates the thesis.

In addition to structure, the style and grammar of the good research paper will be faultless. Data are organized in a logical manner, with arguments that support the thesis statement. There is no plagiarism, and all sources are properly cited according to the required style guide. The paper is free from grammatical or syntax errors, with no contractions, and the third person consistently used. Quotations are accurate and free from errors, and sources are cited accurately, with authors’ names and titles of works consistently accurate in spelling. The document is highly readable, with sentence length varying.

In conclusion, a good research paper needs to adhere to specific structure, style, and grammatical requirements. These may vary according to specific academic environments. The basic requirements are however that the paper be structured logically, with citations following a consistent style, and grammatical accuracy. When these elements are in place, it only remains for the researcher to submit quality information for academic reading.


Dirks, Arthur L.. “Formal Research and Academic Writing. Taunton, MA., 2005

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