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I see a Bentley�s PhD program in Business as the ideal step from where I am professionally to where I want to reach. This area is my passion and Bentley will no doubt provide me with a deeper understanding and a broad appreciation of business in the context of the global economy. The core courses in this program, for instance, Information Systems will ensure that I have an in-depth understanding of business from social, technological and economic perspectives.

Throughout my academic experience I felt inclined towards technical subjects and formal science. While in high school, I enrolled in a Computer Programming class that sparked my interest in Math and Computer Science. In additional to the technical knowledge, the class taught me to work independently yet collaboratively and be persistent. A passion for analyzing and solving abstract problems developed and led me to major in Computer Science and Economics at Boston University. In my third college year while at the undergraduate program, I was accepted to a dual degree program in Computer Science which allowed me to take more advanced courses and graduate with the degrees of Master and Bachelor in Computer Science. In the forth year of college, I was involved with a research work in network systems and theory. I was analyzing an innovative technique for web load balancing. I successfully formulated the algorithm and ran a range of network simulations that proved the efficiency of the algorithm. In parallel, I was working on a thesis in Economics. I was very interested in Economics and through out my undergraduate work I equipped myself with various tools used in economic analysis. I obtained training in econometrics and game theory. These tools were essential for my research in economics. I was researching PDA market, a unique rapidly expanding market where one firm dominates the market with a great lead. I ran regressions on a set of features of the products in the market to estimate demand for these products. The close analysis of the market resulted in varied interesting observations about firms� competition in this market. My research work in economics led me to graduate with distinction.

After four years of academia committed work, it felt natural to pursue my research interests in the field and the program that I was familiar with. In 2001, I was admitted to PhD program in Computer Science as a NSPC Research Fellow. I was sponsored by NSA and was planning to do summer internships there. I was always interested in theory and my graduate research topics were mostly in network systems and security. Though I spent a number of years of research work in computer science, I was always inclined towards combining my economics background. One example of such work was Internet Topology Generator. I used economic model of optimizing tradeoffs to formulate a new model for Internet Topology generation. The new model generated graphs very similar to true internet structure.

In 2003, I had an opportunity to start a business where I employed my computer skills in setting up a network for the business, choosing the right software, custom built applications needed to run the business, as well as building a website with online ecommerce store. I used my research ability to figure out the industry requirements, choose the best products to sell, and learn about local competition. In only one year, I was recognized as a leader in the community and many people sought my advice.

In the course of my future PhD work, I want to investigate various technological markets and, using statistical analysis on the products offered in those markets, to make some conclusions about the market share distribution, its movement as new competitors enter the market, and to categorize a number of technological industries by the industry behavior. I want to learn more about how new technologies affect companies operations, strategies, and competitive advantage. With hi-tech market still rapidly growing and technology advancing, these studies are going to be essential in understanding further growth. I need PhD to develop a field of expertise and share it with the interested community.

Attaining this PhD degree will give me the academic background necessary to succeed in product development and project management thus suiting my individual goals and interests. I trust that your institution provides favorable environment for me to attain my goals as I get exposure to and experience with a diverse student body and faculty. It is my credence learning is a lifelong process, and interaction with others is the most effective learning method. I anticipate sharing my knowledge as I learn new ideas. I am very ambitious as I embark on this stage of my life. I believe that an education from Bentley University will provide invaluable experiences and skills that will allow me to explore my interests and abilities.

I am confident that attending Bentley will serve as the strongest possible platform for my career and I would welcome the opportunity to become a part of its community.


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