For my report I choose to do the battles of the civil war and read The United States in the Civil War by Don Lawson copyright 1977.

The war was not about slavery but it was about the north (union) trying to keep the states together and the south (confederate) trying to be independent. The first battle of the civil war took place in 1861 at Fort Sumter Charleston in South Carolina. This battle started by a surrender note to Major Robert Anderson (Union) from General Beaureguard (confederate). Major Robert Anderson didn’t surrender. “…Friday April 12, 1861, the more than seventy guns opened fire on the harbor fortress,” according to Don Lawson, The United States in the Civil War, copyright 1997.

Confederates bombing Fort Sumter

Major Robert Anderson gave up on defending the fort. The rebels had won the battle. When the Confederates took the fort the northern states were united to fight the south.

Both sides knew there was going to be a war but nether side was ready for the war. Lincoln declared war. Because of this Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas joined the confederate states. It was the confederates 11 states with 10 million people vs. the Union’s 23 states with 23 million people. Both sides kept bringing people to add to there army. Eventually 1.5 million men signed up for the Union and a little less then 1 million signed up for the Confederates.

Both sides had problems with supplies such as food, ammunition, etc. For one week you would get meat, a hard biscuit, coffee, salt, and sugar. They were prepared by solder that was appointed as the cook or sometimes by the soldiers themselves.

3D Lincoln

Bull Run started when McDowell attacked the confederates. The confederates were pushed back to a ridge and continued to retreat. General Thomas J. Jackson and his troops stayed. A soldier then “…saw Jackson’s heroic stand and shouted to his own men: “There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!”1 At that moment the confederates were able to push back the Union soldiers and made them retreat.

The Union had troubles and horrible loses. Searching for leaders they found General Ulysses S. Grant. Grant had a good combat record in fighting the Mexican War. Grant was a good commander and his troops were very loyal. Grant was also polite and never swore.



Grants army on April 5 camped out infront Shilo Church. Not expecting anything they had no scouts or defences out. The next morning confederates attached. The Yankees were surprised. Some yankees were able to reatreat the rebles countinued to press forward. The rebles General Johnston was shot during this battle and ended up dying which was horrible for the rebles. So Beauregard took command, after a day Beauregard had to reatreat and they had lost.

Merrmac Vs Monitor

The war was also fought on the sea. An ironclad called the Merrimac(confederate) had a famous battle with the Monitor(union). Both ships were powered by steam and were the best iornclads out. After 4 hours of them fighting it was called a draw because neither ship could hurt the other ship. Eventually in the war both ships were destroyed.


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